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March 7, 2011

Monday Mumbles - 1

My blog-friend and real-life friend TOOJE does something she called Monday Mumbles each week.  I may not participate each week, but had some thoughts this week and Mumbles seemed like a good format.  Please go visit TOOJE

1.  Get this out of the way.  YAY for my Kansas Jayhawks!  They beat their rival, Missouri Tigers, won the Big 12 Conference, outright and maintained their hunt for a #1 seed in the big dance!

2.  I love going to my Familia group on Saturdays.  I really do.  Because it makes me realize just how far in holiness I have to grow.  

3.  I get so confused by some of the discussions.  Like I'm not holy enough or something (and this is my own personal failing...no one points a finger at me and says, "You are SO not holy").  Somehow I have a feeling if I were to bring up how much I really love the Harry Potter books, I would "out" myself as some sort of evil person.  (I have read many resources of Catholic priests speaking "against" the Harry Potter books and Catholic priests speaking "for" Harry Potter books.  There are a plethora of articles on both sides of the argument...I don't really intend to get into an in-depth discussion at this point on Harry Potter.)  Or the fact that every minute of my radio listening day isn't tuned to Catholic Radio and that I enjoy Sports Radio 810's programming or even some Gen X radio songs...that I'm somehow in a well of sin I can never crawl out of.

4.  And maybe that is what I am supposed to be thinking about these days.  Maybe I need to make some tough choices and turn completely away from things that are even just borderline "can-lead-into-sin" stuff.  I don't know. 

5.  We had a terrific discussion regarding Godparents.  There is a couple that Craig and I are planning to ask to be this baby's Godparents and I find myself praying that they'd even accept.  (There I am all worried they'd say I'm not holy enough or something...stupid inward-thinking.)

6.  And then there are other discussions where I feel I am completely on the same page with all these other women and I feel so blessed to know them and be sharing an hour or two with them.

7.  I am trying to think of what I am going to do about Lent this year.  I am planning to stay off Facebook.  But I need to find a family sacrifice.  Our priest sent out a great letter with some weekly prayers, sacrifices and almsgiving we could do.  We plan to incorporate those.  If you're a Lent-practicing family - what do you do together as a family?

8.  I watched the movie Inception last night.  Personally, I like movies that keep me wondering and thinking when they are done.  And this movie did not disappoint!  I won't do any spoiler here...but I may blog about it at some point.  (I'll be sure to give a Spoiler Alert!)

9.  Track practice starts today.  I have agreed to be the grades 4-6 track coach even though I don't really know how to teach kids any field events and the mechanics of running are a little hard to explain (I think) to 10-year-olds.  But...here we go!  I hope the kids enjoy it...I am happy to have found a place for running in my life.

10.  I am heading out to work in a little bit.  Off for another week.  I find myself praying for peace to make it through the week.  Every week.  Surely that will be enough.


  1. I think we all have "border-line-could-lead-to-sin" issues in life that we avoid. The reasoning is there for all of those descisions, but I think it's more about you and your personality. Everyone is different, maybe listening to the radio makes some people angry, so they know to avoid it. For me I know that reading fundamentalist blogs makes me feel decidedly Athiest, so I mostly avoid them. (Strangly enough I can read Athiest blogs and not have the same faith struggle.)
    It's kind of like religious practices, adoration, rosary, church calendar traditions, saint of the day, daily mass, devotion to a saint, novena's.... and on and on. They are all great options, but there is no way anyone can do them all. So you pick the ones that fill you the most. It might be great to say a rosary every day, but if you are way more fed and recharged by weekly adoration, do that! And don't feel guilty about all the stuff that doesn't speak to you as much. Or convicted about avoiding things that do not tempt you.
    I'm not sure if that makes sense, sorry to ramble like that! :)

  2. My husband got me hooked on 810.. I also like Harry Potter AND Gen X radio... so if you are in the "wrong" I am too! Sometimes I don't know where I belong...

  3. I'm glad that you had a chance to mumble. Yea for the Hawks, certainly.

    Reading religious thoughts like these that you've shared leave me feeling uncertain and uneasy and unsure. There are times when someone in the same place as me, which is really no place at all, feel positive steps toward finding a "place". But then there are these feelings of others that set us right back.

    Obviously you did nothing wrong, but relating in any way to someone who does believe with their entire being can sometimes be very difficult. You clearly have beliefs that can make you feel that another person's everyday is sinful. My everyday would be seen as sinful I'm sure. And this leaves me with a confused look on my face because I don't typically go around feeling like a terrible person.

    Young Mom's comment lessened my feelings of confusion, to a degree. And again, your post here is connected somewhat to a draft I have started. Dang it...now I'll have to go finish it. Just to get it out of my head.


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