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April 25, 2011

Easter 2011

I feel like I should write something about Easter, but I can't find the words.  I know that I am simply joyful at Easter.  

It can be so overwhelming to understand that though I am not worthy of the gift of salvation, our Lord still did it anyway...for me, for all of us.  It's such a difficult thing to comprehend.  I don't know that I do fully, but I grow that direction the older I get.

Anyway, because I just don't have words to do my feelings justice, I will simply leave you with some great photos of my children on this blessed Easter day.

First of all, this is a homemade card from my step-mom (Gammer).  
She makes the most awesome cards!

Next, how awesome is it that we have room for one more Easter basket next year?  :)

This is Helen.  This is a very "Helen" outfit, too.

Here's my handsome boy, Dominic.

And my Dani girl...

Finally, Sarah. 

And here's one of all of them.


  1. Wow, your kids are growing up!! And I think it is no mistake that there is room for one more Easter Basket!


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