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January 25, 2013

7 Quick Takes - 40

--- 1 ---

It's the day for the March for Life!  Since the MSM won't be covering any of it, it's probably good if as many of us out on the interwebz make sure as many people as possible know about it.  I would imagine my readership already knows about it, but just in case you didn't....guarantee there are LOTS of people on the Mall in DC today marching for Life.  I know of several "big kids" from families around me are there.  I really want to go some day.  I might go in a year or two and take Sarah.  She should be old enough then to be able to handle everything that goes on there (I'm not a big fan of graphic images depicting abortion, even though I know the only way to fight it is to bring it out in the open, I need to make sure my kid is ready to see that sort of thing).
--- 2 ---

Pretty eventful week around here.  On Wednesday I suffered a 90 minute bout with a chest pain that flared from chest to back.  It was alarming enough that I called the doc (who is out of the office on Wednesdays, yay!)  The docs at the practice ordered me to the ER and paged my doc so he'd know what's going on.  He called me ahead of my trip to the ER to prep me for what I could/should ask for and what to avoid (i.e., try to figure something out using ultrasound on legs and progress slowly to things involving radiation and opt for CT Scan over VQ Scan...stuff like that)

--- 3 ---

I left work to go to the ER around 12:30 and didn't leave the ER until around 5:45!  Word...CT scans are scary.  They put a shield under me and two over my abdomen but I was still frightened to tears about whether it would harm the baby while it was going on.  Once all that was over and they determined I had not had a heart attack and I did not have any blood clots in my lungs (or anywhere else!) I was sent home with instructions to follow-up with my doctor.
--- 4 ---
I worked from home on Thursday, Yay for awesome bosses who understand that I can be productive even if they don't see me there!!  I had my follow-up and the doctor ruled out anxiety reasons and things like gall bladder inflammation.  He said it could have been reflux.  I thought it was weird, but he said that if it happens again, he'll probably prescribe an antacid for me to take.  then if it still happens, we'll have to look into other causes.

And then I asked him to listen to the heartbeat for the baby because that CT scan was scary and I just wanted the reassurance.  So he did.  And baby was on the move!  But we finally got it nailed down and hearbeat was 130. Good and strong, and...I'll let you in on my hunch -- I'm thinking another boy.  My girls were always higher...up in the 160's.  Dominic was usually in the 120's and Vincent was usually 135 (neither of my boys ever went over 140).  So...perhaps the ultrasound will prove me wrong in a few weeks, but there is my hunch.  :)

--- 5 ---

And the doctor's office JUST called and said I can stop the progesterone injections!!! Yay!!!

--- 6 ---
Ok, back to abortion awareness.  I read a few posts this week that I wanted to link to here that I think would be good to review if you care about this issue:

Calah at Barefoot and Pregnant:  There Is No Freedom In This Choice
Rae at There Is No Wealth But Life:  I Don't Trust The Pro-Life Movement
Bad Catholic and his response to this evil, diabolical ad: Happy 40th Anniversary, Baby

--- 7---
Cold weather and me -- nyeh...don't really get along.  My skin dries out, I shiver and my teeth chatter and because I like to have a managable energy bill, we layer up in our house instead of spiking the thermostat.  The thing is, that I do like it to get cold for a good period each year because I am really not a fan of bugs -- especially the kind that get bigger and bigger because it didn't get cold enough to kill them off in the winter.  So, I guess you could say I have a love-hate relationship with the cold.  This week has been bitterly cold in Kansas City.  Not as cold as Minnesota or some place like that.  But still, pretty darn cold.  with that being said...I am READY for SPRING!!!!! 

How about you?

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  1. Hope the chest pain does not return.
    Totally with you on the hate the extreme cold/love no bugs of deep winter.

  2. I bet your rump is jumping for joy! ;)

  3. Found you through the link-up! I'm glad to hear your chest pain wasn't serious, and I hope it stays away. Yay for baby being okay!

    And yeah, I watched some of the news tonight and, surprise, surprise, no coverage of the 500,000+ people marching. Although I stepped out of the room during the last few minutes so there is a small chance that something could have been covered then, but I highly doubt it. It was nice to see so many photos from the march on Instagram though! Yay blogs and social media!

  4. That is scary. I am glad that everything seems to be okay now. ANd yay for no more progesterone injections!

  5. I saw a brief mention on the national NBC news, the evening one that was on 5:30 CST. Not much of a story, but surprised nonetheless. Maybe there is hope for next year?

    That is scary about the chest pain!!! I hope it doesn't come back! Great quick takes!


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