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January 16, 2013

My Little Buddy is 4 Years Old Today!

Happy Birthday, Dominic!

Four years ago, you were born on a snowy, wintery day. You are my first son. From the minute they left you alone on the warmer, and you were alert, but quiet, and you draped your leg over the edge like you were just "hanging out, dude"... from that moment, I knew you were a laid back kid. I had a hunch you would be "just like your daddy" and you really are in so many respects.

 For starters, you're the spittin' image:

All of my boys in Nov 2012
Dominic at 3 years 11 months


I have been known to say that I carried you in my womb for 9+ months, but that's pretty much the only obvious way to tell you're not a Craig-Clone. :)

But not only are you a look-alike model of your daddy, you are compassionate and sweet and oh-so-smart! You have a wit that most people would die for. You find the perfect opportunity to say something funny and you make people laugh. You are happy and full of beautiful life!

You have taught me so much.

You started preschool this year...wow!

Dominic all ready for his 1st day of preschool!
Dominic with his preschool teacher

You have such a way with people and it's amazing because you are so young!  You like to make faces...
Dominic's "Home Alone" face

Dominic's pensive look

You enjoy yourself and you are a pretty cool cat...

I could never have imagined all the blessings bestowed on our family because you are here. You're a wonderful baby brother to your sisters and a loving big bro to Vincent. You're a sensitive boy who avoids getting in trouble or having to sit in time-out. 

You have the sweetest demeanor about you...

yes, it seems like it is ALL. THE. TIME.

Happy Birthday, Little Buddy.  

Your mommy loves you more than you could ever know.  

You're gonna knock 'em dead as a 4-year-old!


  1. You couldn't have said it any better, Michelle. Happy birthday, Dominic!

  2. Such a sweet post! Dominic is so awesome! Happy birthday to him!


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