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February 18, 2013

Monday Mumbles - 40

Some days, I just feel like Mumbling. Today's one of them.  I know it wasn't my idea to start them, but I figure I'll finish it anyway.  :)

1.  It's President's Day.  I think we're celebrating the birthdays of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.  Is that right?  Ok.

2.  No school for the kids.  No work for me.  Daycare, still, for Vincent, though.  He needs his routine and we're headed to my doctor appointment in a bit. I can handle the older four while getting my appointment in, but not him, too.

3. 17 week belly pic 

(again, I wish I didn't hate all pictures of myself...what is up with that???)

4. I'm taking the kids shopping after the appointment.  Helen can pick out her American Girl doll.  She is the first of my girls to ask for one, so she's getting one. I have a feeling she'll be picking out a "look-alike" version, too.  haha.

5.  I attended the KU game Saturday night and they retired Mario Chalmers' jersey.  

Yes, this Mario:

Got to see that over and over again Saturday night...among other awesome things he did in a KU uniform.  :)

6.  Here is a picture before the game:

7.  Here is a picture after they unveiled it:


8.  Added bonus, KU seems to be back to form (at least at home).  

9.  I texted Rebecca this morning to let her know I was pulling for the Mountaineers to pull off an upset over K-State tonight!  That will make Wednesday's game a major-big-deal that if we win, we'll be in sole possession of 1st place again.  Hopefully Bob Huggins and his boys can help us out.  :)

10.  Well, off for a little bit of grapefruit and to get these kids moving and ready to go.  Have a great Monday!!



  1. Good luck with everything today!

  2. I love that you are keeping the mumbles alive. I'm contemplating getting back to them, I promise.

    You look great, too, by the way. No hating on that photo.


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