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April 26, 2013

7 Quick Takes - 48

Jen's back to 7QT! That's heartwarming news. Many thanks for hosting this big ol' Blog Carnival!  

--- 1 ---

Enjoyed sharing this little bit from tumblr on facebook the other day. Hmmm, just what should we call NFP?  Many kudos and thumbs up to iuseNFP and 1Flesh.org for putting these up!

One of my faves: 

When You Tell Someone Your Children Were Planned

Or this one, too:

When my mom (or mother-in-law or aunt or friend or whoever...) says, "You're just going to get pregnant, you know"

And I don't have this problem because I have the most awesome-est doctor in the whole world...but before I had him, I wish I had seen this to encourage me...

When My OB Says NFP doesn't work I'm like

--- 2 ---

Yesterday I took my Sarah to work for me for our company's Bring Your Kid To Work Day. She was with the older kids and they got to see a presentation on how to become a millionaire (I work for a bank, duh). I thought it was great for her to hear from them what I have been trying to teach her. 
An interesting statistic I heard during the presentation (I was volunteering to assist with this particular part of the day so I got to hear it, too):  Kids who open a savings account between the ages of 12-17 are more likely to go to college and kids who save $500 during that time are more likely to graduate college.  
Not saying it's rocket science, just thought it was interesting.
--- 3 ---

We took the kids to Worlds of Fun for the first time this past weekend and even Vincent got to ride a couple of things!!

He loved the airplanes :)

Dani was a sport, riding with him
 My baby girl got on the Mamba (which is this really fast, really metal coaster). She dragged me on the thing and I hadn't ridden it in 10 years! I prayed the whole way up that God take care of my baby girl...my how things have changed in 10 years. But Helen rocked it...then she went on a really fast wooden coaster called the Prowler and did really well on that, too.

--- 4 ---

My nephew, Gunnar, was baptized last Sunday! Yay another Catholic! He was tuckered out on his Grandpa afterwards...
--- 5 ---

After Mass, I got to see one of my (three) godsons...Maggie's Sam. He even smiled while I held him! He's so cute!!

--- 6 ---

We went to a Rosary/Chaplet prayer group on Sunday afternoon. While walking through some woods, I caught these...


--- 7---

The best part about writing Quick Takes is knowing that it is NOW FRIDAY! I'm starting to get my groove back with regard to my Fridays. Another work week is done, another weekend lay ahead with activities with the kids...
I pray you have a wonderful weekend. Be sure to go visit Jen for more Quick Takes!


  1. I love the picture of you and Sam! It sounds like you all had a great time at the amusement park!

  2. Love the pictures of the boys holding hands.

  3. Great pictures! Really interesting facts about kids and saving. Thanks!

  4. You look radiant in that picture of Sam! Your blog always has great pictures :)

  5. I really like that one of Jennifer Lawrence. :) My regular doctor insists on asking these birth control questions every time I come in. It's so annoying...and I keep thinking I need to come with some good literature and statistics instead of getting irritated about it. :)

    We need to go to WoF again...I haven't been in years. Uh, make that decades. :/

  6. Oh my gosh... those pictures of the boys holding hands are PRECIOUS! I can't wait for Sam and Joe to be like that someday! Have a good weekend, friend!

  7. I love those pictures! Those boys are so cute! I'm glad Fridays are starting to get a little easier. Enjoy your weekend!


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