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June 25, 2013

Helen Told Me She Wrote A Book

Helen told me from the back of the car last night that she wrote a book. I said, "That's so good, honey, I can't wait to read it!"

And then she gave it to me.

I will translate: 
The Book About My Mom
She loves me. She loves the tangs (things) that I mack (make) her. Your mom loves you, too. And all so (also) mee (me) too.
I miss you wean (when) you are goan (gone). She's tha (the) Best Mommy ever maid (made) and I am so glad that she is my mommy.
Love Helen

The Book About Mommy
Your Mommy <3 you too
so mush (much)

This one doesn't really need a translation.

I thought it was cute she made it into a book and made sure to tell others that their mommy loves them, too.

This is standard fare for the kind of stuff Helen draws up for me almost every day. I am so blessed.



  1. So sweet! ::Cherished moments::

  2. Ah... how awesome. Lauren makes "books" like this for me almost every day. (Well, some of them are for me, and some are for other 'people' - but it's neat to see that other 7 year olds are doing it too.) It is so so sweet. I've been actually wanting to sit down and "publish" one like you just did :-)


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