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August 26, 2013

Monday Mumbles - 53

Let's try to get back in this groove...it's Monday, so let's mumble.

1. I am really out of touch about football this year. The Chiefs have been playing preseason games, but I have no idea how they look. I usually like to watch NFL, but I am really out of it this year.

2. We hung out with some friends Sunday and seeing as there were lots of girls around, there was a spa set up in someone's room. A spa that did pedicures and also styled little boys' hair. :)

hair all slicked back (or over, or whatever they did)

Here's the top view
3. I really slacked on the running last week. Goodness, not a run at all the whole week! I don't think I should count doing the cross country workout Dani did Thursday because it was only a few hill repeats and I skipped out on some of the stretching and such.

4. I did, however, get a long walk in with a friend on Saturday morning. Then I came home and went with Dani on a run that was just over a mile. And then Dominic wanted a turn to run with me, so we did a half mile run. It was fun!

5. I feel like doing one of those "let's get real" posts where I take a picture of my house as-is and then I clean it up and do "after" shots. It's always a lesson in humility, isn't it?

6.Two things I was really good about getting my kids as they got ready for school: shoes and haircuts. Sadly, those are two areas where I really need to do something for myself (running shoes and a haircut/style), but I'm not sure the schedule or the budget allows just yet. Sigh.

7. Oh! I don't think I mentioned...not enough girls in Sarah's class went out for volleyball this year, so she is playing "up" to an 8th grade team. I think she'll do just fine, it may be a  good experience for her.

8. I'm glad there is a long weekend headed our way. I'm feeling kinda burned out on work right now. Nothing specific, just in general.

9. Maybe that will change when I have lunch with my new-found Mentor this week. I'm excited to finally have this because I am hopeful it will provide some much needed direction for me in how to approach the coming years at my company.

10. What's up for your week? Kids back at school? Or did you start your home school yet? Any plans for the upcoming holiday weekend?

Here's a picture I snapped of Vincent. This kid is SO BUSY!! He is always into something!!

Have a great Monday!!


  1. I've been super out of touch with the NFL this year, too. Of course, I'm not a big pre-season fan, so that could be it. I always love football on Sundays. It's just weird on a Friday night!

  2. After a half marathon, you deserve a little break.

    I hear you on the burn out; hope the weekend helps!

  3. We watch more College football around here than pro. I have just started running. I can honestly say I enjoy it. Now, I've only done it on a treadmill because we live in the country, don't know if actual roads makes a difference?

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