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December 4, 2013

Weight Watchers Wednesday (5)

Welcome to Weight Watchers Wednesday, the 5th round. I DID make it to a meeting last week...it was on Saturday. I have had it driven home how important it is to have the at-work meetings because I honestly don't have time to go any other time! I got up early on Saturday to make sure I made it in and I was rewarded by finding out I lost 1.4 pounds! I am 0.2 pounds away from getting my 5% this go-round, so I am happy about that.

I have a string of 5 straight weeks of weight loss that I am really hoping I can keep up! I also have a string of days worked out going, too. At this point it is at 9 days in a row...I have been finding ways to fit in something even if it's not crossfit. I think that has definitely helped the weight loss through Thanksgiving.

So...how did Thanksgiving go anyway? Well, I planned ahead by keeping in mind the "great plate" meeting from the week before. I stuck to my resolve to only put on my plate those things I knew I would enjoy and I watched portion size. I also ate slowly, consciously putting my fork down between bites. I realized that I ate one plate of food in the time I probably ate 2 plates last year. And...even with pumpkin pie (with 2 tbsp whipped cream) for 14 points, I only went over my daily points by about 10! I did have 9 oz of wine which also was included in my point total for that day.

The best part was I got to the 8:00 a.m. crossfit workout that morning, so I felt good all day about the fact that I still got a workout in and that I had gotten workouts four days in a row at that point.

Friday I was back at work and I avoided the leftovers from the Wednesday "snack" day. I brought 6 oz of leftover turkey breast and a green bean/tomato dish that is only 2 points/serving to eat for lunch. When I got home that evening, before we went out shopping as a family, I did a workout to match what my husband had done at Crossfit that morning (total of 100 burpees and a 1.25 mile run thrown in there). So, again, I felt good about another day with a workout and staying within my points for the day!

Saturday, I took Sarah and a friend to see Catching Fire (2nd time for Sarah and me, 1st time for the friend) so I had popcorn at the movies again. I wasn't sure I'd get a workout in, but after Mass, Craig informed me he wouldn't have to leave for work until 7:00 p.m. and I realized I had 90 minutes before that so I headed out for a 3 mile run. I felt really good that I got a workout in for a 6th day in a row and that's when I thought I'd try to do something again on Sunday and try to keep this string going.

Sunday went well, too. I got up and got all the kids banana bread and opted for just the banana for myself. At lunch, I made Turkey, Apple, and Blue Cheese Wrap. It was the recipe in the Weight Watchers Weekly. Craig couldn't find fat free cream cheese, so I used regular which bumped the point total to 8 instead of 7. But these are so easy...and very good. I got the Fit & Active Multigrain wraps from Aldi (instead of whole wheat tortillas, as prescribed in the recipe), mixed together 1 tbsp blue cheese crumbles and 1 tbsp cream cheese and the fresh ground pepper. Spread that mixture on the wrap, then put in 1/2 cup fresh spinach (recipe called for arugula, but Craig just grabbed the spinach, which was fine), added the 1/2 apple, diced and 2 oz turkey breast. I rolled it up and ate it. Very good. Try it! 

Sunday also was my 7th day of exercise in a row! I got in another 3 mi run in the afternoon. For dinner, I had a 1 cup serving of the mac and cheese Craig made for the kids and one of my Smart Ones meals that was 8 points. I drank all my water and then in the evening, I had a little craving for something more so I had a 2-point mini-bar (my favorite=Chocolate Pretzel Blast).

Monday's food was all good. I ate breakfast (I'm in a routine of a banana, a Special K protein bar and a diet coke -- it's easy and fast and it ensures I eat breakfast), I made my lunch (BTW -- the featured recipe in the weekly that I mentioned above? So yummy and easy to make at work for my lunch all week) and I got another straight day of exercise in with Crossfit.

Tuesday, more of the same. My workout was 6000m on the erg for a good rowing workout. My dinner was leftovers.

All in all, I had a great week. I hope it translates to some more downward success on the scale, but I have to be happy with the fact that I tracked every single day AND I exercised every single day. I worked hard on putting my fork down between bites all week to slow the pace of my eating and...I daresay, I do notice that some of my pants are less snug around the waist. :)

Guess you'll find out next week if there was any more weight loss!

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