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January 17, 2014

7 Quick Takes - 73

Thank you to Jennifer Fulwiler for hosting! 

--- 1 ---

I had a thought while I was running last night about how weight loss works -- at least in my experience. You see, I had that phenomenal week/weigh-in last week where I lost 6.2 pounds in a week, right? Then yesterday I had gained 0.6 pounds. I wasn't upset, but I realized that sometimes when you have a week like I did where you lose 6.2 pounds, it's easy to fall into the trap of thinking, "Hey, this weight loss gig isn't so hard. I got this!" and you might lapse a little bit in your judgment and eat a little too much over the weekend and not track it really well. But then you get a dose of reality at weigh-in. Because...no matter how hard you tried on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday...you just couldn't undo what you did over the weekend. And the scale doesn't lie, folks!!

--- 2 ---

So, I was still running and I realized that spiritual life can work the same way. (I was getting my run in between returning home from work and taking Helen for her First Reconciliation, so I had sin on the brain!) I don't know about you all, but when I go to Confession, oh man, what a feeling! I've committed to avoiding certain sins again, I'm gonna try really hard (because let's face it...we're going to sin again...because we will) not to commit some of my really bad ones that are also really bad habits. Well, so I do pretty good for a week or two...and I start to think, "Huh, see...I can do this whole living-right thing!" But the further I get from my last confession, the less I'm focused and inevitably I fall into a pattern of sin. Eventually, I take stock and examine my conscience (kind of like stepping on that scale...) and BAM! I can't lie to myself and I know it's time to go back to confession.

--- 3 ---

Something else I noticed while running? I am getting faster! I am now much farther along my route when I finish my Rosary! :)
--- 4 ---
So, here's a picture of a pretty girl who's soul has been wiped clean:

--- 5 ---

We'll be celebrating Dominic's birthday tonight. We are ordering pizza and he gets to pick "anything he wants" to rent from Family Video. Of course, he already told me he is going to rent the Angry Birds Star Wars Wii game. Love that kid. One track mind, he has.

--- 6 ---
Oh! in Helen's basketball games last Saturday, she scored a basket in each! I was so over-proud. (Yes...I am THAT mom...I am way over-proud of my kids.) I jumped way high out of my seat! What was even cooler was that every girl on the team scored baskets last week. I loved it! It is so much fun coaching these girls...just a great group.

--- 7 ---
Last week I told you all about how my beloved Jayhawks are 1-0 in conference play! Well...now they are 3-0! Very exciting. Tomorrow they play at Allen Fieldhouse again -- another one of the ranked and good teams of the Big 12, Oklahoma State. Oklahoma State beat KU last year in Allen Fieldhouse. Not cool. Of course, the Jayhawks repaid the favor a couple weeks later when they went to Stillwater. But...I'm thinking there better not be a repeat tomorrow. I get to go to this game, and I'm really excited!!   


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  1. I love your thoughts about weight loss & faith fails. Good stuff there. Let me give you one practical thing I've learned about the physical stuff: I weigh more in the fertile time. My weight drops by about 2 pounds when I hit post-ovulation infertility. So that can impact things too.

    #4: Congratulations, pretty girl!

  2. Love t he sin/workout comparison. It's so true!


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