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January 6, 2014

Monday Mumbles - 65

Happy First Monday of 2014!

1. Well, the Playoffs were rather anti-climactic for my team. Boo. I was very sad they let off the gas a little and that the Colts came back to beat them. But...it's typical Kansas City fodder, I suppose.

2. My Jayhawks did nothing to salvage my weekend, sports-wise, either. Man, KU had a brutal non-conference schedule this year. I feel like there was never a game where they could cut loose and have a little fun. Oh well. Hopefully this prepares us for the brutal conference season. Yes, I used the adjective, "brutal," again. Sue me.

3. At least K-State is good for one thing -- they beat Oklahoma State in their conference opener. As I told Sarah, though, this means one bad thing -- K-State is better than I thought (hoped) they would be. But the good thing is -- Oklahoma State is 0-1 in conference play. So there's that.

4. I got to go to the KU game Sunday with Sarah. We had fun, even though they lost. I am glad we shared the time together.
It was so cold -- Sarah still had her hat on!! :)
5. Helen played in her first basketball game Saturday. There's no "official" score kept for 2nd grade girls -- but...her team won. It was pretty clear. But you know...it's 2nd grade and all. Helen played fantastic defense. She stayed with the girl she had to guard, was able to slide her feet and stay in front. I was quite proud.

6. Highlight:  AS the girls came in for a time-out midway through the 3rd quarter, Helen says to me: "That girl I am guarding is rude. She said, 'I'm ignoring you!'" I just told her, "That's funny...because it seems to me she CAN'T ignore you! You're playing such great defense on her!! You're bothering her...that's why she said that."

Love my Helen.
Taken before the game
7. oh Yeah...school is closed today because of the weather. Apparently record low temps (i.e., wind chills) are keeping them closed. I really don't care one way or the other since it doesn't impact me (anymore...since the girls are old enough to stay home with Craig sleeping upstairs and all)...but poor Dominic was looking forward to going back after the break and seeing his teachers and friends. Maybe tomorrow.

8. I think Craig and I figured out we are the oldest people who attend the Crossfit gym we go to. By quite a few years, even. I think I've decided to feel proud of it that I am doing this stuff that all these young people are doing. :)

9.Winter is NOT my favorite.

10. I am ready for summer.

Have a great Monday!!


  1. At least we don't have to mow the grass, right?

  2. Hmm, not quite ready for summer, but this extra-cold crap could go away! I still have more playing to do in the snow before I'm ready for the summer fun. ;)


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