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June 11, 2014

Weight Watchers Wednesday (19)

Today I write to you as a Lifetime Member of Weight Watchers!

The gold key = Lifetime charm

My plan last week to adjust my goal weight to the top of the range was a great idea. I weighed in three pounds under that and because I'd maintained within 2 pounds of that weight for the past two months, they were able to retroactively set my status at Lifetime as of Thursday, June 5!

Needless to say, I was very excited. My leader called me Monday to let me know she had all the paperwork so I could submit it and they might refund me the last month's charges I incurred since I hit it before a week had passed into June. so, we'll see. I don't particularly care about a refund, just that I don't have to pay any further charges! :)

So, now I move into the maintenance phase. In many ways this could prove to be a bigger challenge than the losing part. My understanding is that now only my first weigh-in of each month counts and as long as I am within 2 pounds of the weight, I maintain my status as Lifetime member. I can weigh in more than once a month, but whatever the first weigh-in is each month -- that is the one I have to use.

My plan is to continue to attend weekly meetings. I may or may not weigh in each meeting, but for sure will have to on the first weigh-in of each month. I think I'll continue to post these Weight Watchers Wednesday posts to share ideas and tips they share in each meeting and how it is going with maintenance.

So here were my pictures at the beginning of this journey:
Size 14 jeans; XL shirt

And here I am now! 32.2 pounds gone!

Size 8 skirt -- this is in the Wellness Area at my workplace
where we have the Weight Watchers At-Work Meetings
This is me on Sunday -- at my niece/goddaughter's bday party
I couldn't even wear that shirt when I started this!


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  1. You are glowing! Congrats on the lifetime!!


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