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January 16, 2011

We Have A Birthday!

Two years ago, today, I'd checked into the hospital the night before to begin Cervadill and begin the process of inducing labor.  The night went by quickly with regular checks and contractions started sometime around 3:00 a.m.  The doctor stopped by around 7:00 and broke my water.  The contractions started coming a bit harder and faster and lasting a bit longer.  I was able to breathe through them ok, though.  My husband, my helpmate, my rock through all of my labors and deliveries was there with me.  We opened up the blinds and saw a winter wonderland in front of us...it had snowed during the night.

I asked for an epidural around 10:30 and was able to get one fairly quickly (for a Friday) and my husband and I commenced playing Cribbage and listening to the radio.  The nurse on duty was the same nurse on duty when we'd had Helen three years before.  She and Craig had known each other in college (her best friend and Craig's best friend had dated for awhile) so we talked, caught up and all of that jazz.  

Even with the epidural, I could feel the pressure of the contractions.  I do not see this a failure of the epidural, I like still feeling some pressure...but it did remind me just how painful those contractions could be without the epidural (I'm not much on pain).  Soon, it was time to push.  As the doc arrived, he brought someone with him and asked could she observe (she was a med or nursing student, can't remember which).  I just said, "Hey, I'm gonna do my thing...she's welcome, it's not going to change how we proceed."  So, I pushed.  and I pushed.  My husband helped count to 10 through each push.  Finally, that head crowned and the body proceeded out with following contractions and my beautiful baby boy was born!  At 1:16 p.m. on 1/16/09.

We have been so blessed by Dominic's presence in our lives.  The girls have a baby brother to care for, to hang out with and to learn from.  Dominic is one of those people you just have to experience.  He is fun, gentle, sweet-tempered, and laughs easily.  Dominic is the kind of kid that makes you want to have another baby.  The importance of his addition to our family is difficult to put into words.  All of our children are miracles, but they each bring a unique perspective to life, to our family, and Dominic is no different.  

Dominic's smile, his very presence, illuminates the true meaning of the gift of life.  Thank you, God, for sending us our little Dominic.  He completes us all in ways that we never could have foreseen.

Happy Birthday, Dominic!!!


  1. I'm glad you're back! Happy Birthday Dom!

  2. Dom is a sweet boy - I'm so glad I've met him, and your girls!

    Happy Birthday Dominic!

  3. I hope he had a wonderful birthday. :) I just wish he convinced his mommy not to be gone from work for an entire week!

  4. Great tribute to Dominic. Love it!


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