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February 4, 2011

7 Quick Takes (1)

Jen at ConversionDiary hosts 7 Quick Takes every Friday.  I decided to participate today.  I don't know if I will every week...but this week, I think I can think of a few things.  :)

The first thing I'd like to say, is Jen's 2nd Quick Take today made me nod in agreement, snort in laughter and pass along the take in an e-mail to my co-supervisor who sits next to me.  And we both got a great laugh out of it.  I am not a dog person.  I am not a pet person at all.  Really.  I really much prefer my children to any animal I could ever have.  And a big reason for that is.........that I would much rather clean up kid vomit than dog/cat/any-other-pet's vomit or poo any day of the week.  So, I agree with Jen that dogs are much harder to care for and I choose the easy way by having kids. 

I'm going to attend our Familia group tomorrow.  I'm looking forward to it.  And I'm also prepping myself to keep quiet!  I have a tendency to start talking too much and taking things off topic...I have to remember that this is Familia...not my Counseling session!  And besides that, I can learn so much from the ladies in this group...so I need to pipe down and listen up!

The girls have basketball games tomorrow afternoon.  Dani is at 1:00.  Sarah is at 2:00.  Thank God for good friends like my friend, Beth, who will meet us at Dani's game to pick up Sarah and take her to her game and then we'll meet at Sarah's game.  With Craig's schedule (working graveyards, basically), it sure does help to have a friend who is willing and able to help me out!

Speaking of basketball...

I love watching my girls play basketball.  I love volleyball, too, but I love coaching and teaching that one.  I loved playing basketball growing up, but I don't think I'd teach it too well.  So, I REALLY enjoy going to the games and watching my kids go after it!  So far this year, I have missed the game where Sarah dribbled from one end of the court to the other and made a layup.  But I was still so excited to hear about it.  Last week, I got to watch one of Sarah's teammates go UCONN on a team (she scored 14 of the 16 points) and it was awesome to watch (especially since the reason she scored those points was her ability to seize her opportunities to rebound, etc!)  Also, last week, I was able to watch Dani dribble all the way down the court...she missed the layup, but it was so fun to watch her go-go-go!!

I thought about my last post and I started wondering...was that too personal to put up on a blog read by who-knows?  I mean, it was really just for me, right?  Oh well...it's out there.

I think it's really sad when women in power in the workplace abuse that power.  I think it's really sad that companies, in the name of holding onto an experienced, knowledgable woman who has achieved the coveted VP status of a bank (man's world), kind of turn a blind eye to harassment, racial discrimination and just plain poor treatment of said woman's employees.  But...such is my life as one of this woman's employees.

We were forced to buy a new bed when we moved into this house.  The house is so old that the doorway to the bedroom Craig and I share was too small to accommodate our Queen size box springs (the mattress could be fit in, though).  Well, we had been needing a new bed for years anyway, so we bought a new one that has the split box springs, so it could be moved into our bedroom. 

Wow...when you haven't had a good night's sleep in awhile due to having a too-old, non-supportive bed and you go to having rock-hard-great sleep on a nice, soft-yet-firm supportive bed, you realize that you went WAY too long without buying a new bed and you really shouldn't do that to yourself ever again.

Had to edit here.  Just visited this blog, Convert Journal, and read this set of Quick Takes.  Loved them!  Informative! 

Have a great weekend!  Be sure to visit Jen for more bloggers who participate in her weekly 7 Quick Takes.


  1. 1 - I haven't read Jen's QTs yet, but I have to laugh. I don't see my dogs as an alternative to having kids (drives me nuts when people say that), but on the topic of kid vomit/poo (which I deal with daily) vs. dog vomit/poo I would much prefer the latter.

    2 - I gave myself that SAME lecture for our faith group last night.

    5 - no, I think it's good to share it. I can't tell you how many times I've either read something that made me feel better or (rarer, but still happens) had someone tell me that something I've written helped them feel better. You never know who your words might encourage, if only by letting someone know they aren't alone.

    6 - yep :(

    7 - we too are forced to buy a new bed b/c our queen box spring didn't fit. We, however, have not yet purchased said box spring and are sleeping on a mattress on the floor.

    Have a good weekend!

  2. I loved your last post! Thank you so much for sharing it. :)

    We also had to get a split boxspring for our new house, because it wouldn't fit up the stairs. But its so worth the money to sleep well!

  3. Quick takes are fun once in a while! I can't do them every week, but enjoy reading other people's. Yea for the new bed adn better sleep! My husband and I were just saying we think a new mattress is in our future!


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