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March 3, 2011

The Big Day!

Okay, so that (the title of the post) could mean any number of things, right?  But TOMORROW is the day I get to see our baby and we will (hopefully) find out the gender of the little one! 

Plus, Sarah and Dani will accompany me and I can't wait to share the experience with them.  They are VERY excited to see their baby sibling. 

I pray everything will go smoothly.

I have hinted before that I have my gut feeling about the gender of this little one, but I've been wary of posting it for all to see.  Now that it's 24 hours until I will know for sure, it sounds like fun.

Of course, I'm so in love with baby already that it really doesn't matter whether it's a girl or a boy.  I honestly feel that way.  I will say that I have a plethora of girl names I've considered but have had a very hard time considering boys names.  Dominic was my choice for a boy name for so long, that I knew my son would be called "Dominic" as soon as I knew he was a boy!  But this time, I am having a hard time coming up with something for a boy, so I'm anxious to find out how much work I have to do.

Here are a few trends for my pregnancies:

1)  With Sarah, I had some morning sickness for a few weeks with about three REALLY BAD days.  Then, when pregnant with Dani and Helen, I had a feeling they were girls because I wasn't sick at all!

2)  Each of my girls heart rates were always high...never below 160 and usually around 168-175.  Never failed with every visit...they were always beating away at a high rate.

3)  Dominic, my son, caused me to be sick for about 24 weeks.  I mean, I felt BLAH BLAH BLAH yuck for what seemed like FOREVER. 

4)  Dominic's heart rate was never over 140.  It was 140 at 8 weeks.  Then it was in the 120s for most of the rest of the pregnancy.  I might have had one of his OB visits where his heart rate was in the 130s.


1) I have hardly been sick with this little one at all.
-->This could mean it's a girl, right?  I mean, Dani and Helen were fairly non-sick.  However, they followed Sarah, with whom I was sick with some REALLY BAD days.

-->Or...since I was sick with Dominic, if this one is a boy, I am not sick because my body is handling boy-baking better the second time around (like my body handled girl-baking better the second and third time around)

2)  This little one's heart rate has never crossed 140.  It was 135 at the 6 week ultrasound.  It was 140 when doctor found it at 12 weeks (remember my scare I talked about??  We had a hard time finding it, but when we finally found it...it was 140 beats per minute).  At my first prenatal appointment, the heart rate was 128 and at my last appointment (around 16 weeks) it was 125.

Therefore...so far, my gut feeling has been that this little one is a boy.

Please leave a comment and let me know which gender you think it might be or if you're "pulling for" either a girl or a boy!  This could be fun, right?

In the meantime...I can't wait to see my little baby tomorrow!!!


  1. My gut says boy, too! SO excited for you!!!

  2. I say girl, only because our girl's HR is always around 140, so I don't believe in the HR myth. :)

  3. I've been thinking of doing a post like this myself, this pregnancy has been very different, and yet I kind of think it's a girl this time around. :) So I'll say girl for you too.

  4. I'm going with heart rate - boy! Or maybe I just think Dominic needs to be surrounded with a little more testosterone :)

  5. I'm pulling for a boy! I don't know about the heart rate thing, having 2 of each and all of their heart rates were always 140-145. But we don't want Dom to be too outnumbered!

  6. I'm thinking boy! I'm horrible at guessing, and either would be wonderful, but I think boy.

  7. I'm gonna go with boy, since I have six boys (and only two girls) and I think everyone should have to deal with multiple boys (for sanctification's sake)!!


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