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March 5, 2011

Big Game!!

I love my team.  I really do.  I have been a Jayhawk fan for as long as I can remember watching college basketball.  Which means somewhere around 1984 I started following them when I could.  The Jayhawks winning the National Championship in 1988 probably sealed it that I would be a Jayhawk forever.  I had posters of Danny Manning all over my wall.  The Kansas City Star ran a special edition right after KU won in 1988 and I had those pictures all over my wall, too.

Today is a big game.  It would be a big game whether or not KU was playing for the Big 12 title outright.  KU plays MU today.  They play in Columbia, MO where it's always a crap-shoot whether KU will play a good game or not.  MU plays AWESOME when they play at home, so it's a pretty tall order for KU to go in there and win.

The way I grew up with this rivalry, people really would get down to the bottom of it...back when Kansas was a "free" state and Missouri was a "slave" state.  Much blood was shed between the states over the issue.  And I think that history provides much intensity to the rivalry.  Unfortunately, that hatred boils over into much less important things these days...you know, like college basketball games.  But I love an intense rivalry.  It adds to the "flavor" of life sometimes.

As rivalries go, I always want my team to win.  I don't think I'm too unique in that.

And from an emotional standpoint I probably would like for my team to win by 20 points all the time. But thankfully, that's just my emotions, so I don't get too upset most of the time.

But it's really not my thing to "hate on" another team.  I would definitely rather beat a team when they are at their best than to just pummel a team that's not playing their "A" game.  Of course, I'd rather the Jayhawks show up with their "A" game, too........it's SO not fun to watch your team play below level and get punked.  However, I'm quite hopeful that it's true that the Jayhawks really aren't over that loss in Manhattan.

Therefore, today I hope to see a great game between two talented teams where everyone plays to the best of their ability.  (I also pray the Morris twins don't throw any elbows or any other punk moves...butwell...I hope I don't see it from any players...these games get pretty intense). 

So, let the game begin!  


  1. I don't know why, but I just cannot get into college hoops. Sure, I'd like to see MU win, but I won't be upset (or surprised) if they lose. Now for football- that's a different story. Strange, I know. It's so funny to see everyone's facebook statuses, though! And a friend of mine posted a picture of her baby in a onesie that says, "I Poo on Mizzou"

  2. There is only one team I 'hate on' :). And I agree - I'd rather beat a team when both teams are at their best than have a lopsided win or loss.

    Good luck to your Jayhawks!


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