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April 11, 2011

Blog Makeover Giveaway WINNER!! - And some Monday Mumbles :)

Well, I decided to post at 6 a.m. instead of 8...so I could be sure and link on my twitter and facebook.  :)

First, I want to thank all of you who entered the giveaway.  As I mentioned, this is my first time doing anything like this, but I really wanted to pay-it-forward so to speak as happy as I was with the way my blog look turned out.

I had 9 entrants and your number was assigned to your entry in the order they appeared on my comment page.  So, I had:
1.  JoAnna
2.  JoAnna
3.  JoAnna
9.  Joy

I am pretty technologically challenged when it comes to this blog stuff.  But thanks to Rebecca, who pointed me in the right direction, I went to Random.Org to generate a random winner of the nine entries.  I used their Sequence Generator and got the top number of 3.  I then had to screen-shot the order, save it in a document and then get it so I could embed it in this post.  Oy.

So, here is that document showing how the order panned out at Random.Org:

JoAnna is our winner!  Congratulations, JoAnna!

And now, for a few Mumbles...since it's Monday and all.  :)  TOOJE sometimes Mumbles, but her computer is down, so she might not be Mumbling right now.  But maybe later.  :)

1.  Track meet Saturday morning went VERY well!  All the kids ran their events and we had some great performances.  They don't have all the official results up, yet so I can't get everyone's times yet.  But it was really great.

2.  We have one more week of Lent before Holy Week.  I. Love. Holy. Week.  It is my favorite week of the liturgical year.  I am going to try and make it to Holy Thursday and Good Friday services at our parish.  I probably won't try to tackle the Easter Vigil with all the kids, though.  But maybe someday, I'll be able to make the entire Easter Triduum.  

3.  Mother-in-law made it up to see the house this weekend.  Why is it such a big deal for her (or anyone really) to see the house where you live?  Oh well, everyone's different and maybe I'll understand when my kids are grown.  Funny story:  I'd been able to show her all the parts of the house except our bedroom.  Now, honestly, I wasn't planning to show her that regardless of whether Craig was sleeping or not (but he was while we were showing her around).  Craig got up about 30 minutes before she left.  Anyway, before she left, she went to the restroom and I heard her open and close a door...  I thought, she's going up in our bedroom.  She comes back down and says, "Well, I thought about asking to see your bedroom and then figured, nah...I'd just go look without asking."  I guess moms do that sort of stuff.  I hope she enjoyed the chaotic mess that awaited her in there!

Later, we were trying to figure out where to stash the Easter Basket stuff I'd bought until Easter and Craig mentioned putting in our closet.  But our closet is kind of hot, so I said we better not.  Then I said, "just put it on the floor by the dresser.  Our kids don't go into our room.  Especially without asking."  LOL  I don't know.  Maybe I'm weird...but I wouldn't go into someone's bedroom without asking.  Oh well, like I said...moms do weird stuff sometimes. 

4.  The weather has warmed up!  And I'm gonna bet on it staying fairly warm from here on out.  I decided to wash coats and put them away.  :)

5.  I filled out all my Cord Blood Donation paperwork and the pre-registration paperwork for the hospital.  Holy cow, we're gonna have another baby!

Have a great Monday.


  1. Ooops - was logged in to my work account - lol! That was me above - Congratulations JoAnna!

    And Michelle, MIL snooping drives me just about crazy - The Man thinks we should mess with her and put weird stuff in places we don't want her to look.


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