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June 2, 2011

35 Weeks-The Countdown Continues

Yesterday marked 5 weeks to go until my due date.  I get lots of well-meaning comments from people these days.

"You're not gonna make it until your due date."

"Are you ready to have that baby?!?!  It looks like you are!"

"Whoa!  Momma!  You look like you're about to POP!"  (admittedly, from a stranger...on the bus)

It's funny.  When I was pregnant with Dominic (a middle of January due date), I was ready to have him at the beginning of December.   I was "DONE" with pregnancy, discomfort, you name it.  I cried my way into an induction at my appointment on my due date.  My hips were killing me, I swore I'd never have another baby, it was so painful.  And I cried when my doctor told me the horrible news that they'd already scheduled an induction for this day and/or that day and an induction for me wasn't likely.  He wanted me to wait it out a week.  I cried and cried my eyes out.  I stopped at the store on my way home and picked up ice cream in which I planned to drown my sorrows.  And, my doctor called that night and offered an induction time of a couple of days out and I jumped on it.

Not one of my kids was interested in "coming on their own."  I've been induced four times.  With Sarah, I was 10 days past my due date when she was born.  Dani had a complication that warranted an induction for her, so I don't know how she would have panned out.  Helen was a big baby and I'd told the doctor I could tell she was.  Now...big baby isn't a reason for induction, but he stripped my membranes and told me to report to the hospital on a certain night if things hadn't progressed.  When I showed up, I was already 4 cm dilated so they couldn't do what they usually do to induce overnight (cervical treatments) and I showed up the next morning where they basically helped things along.  She was closest to her due date and most likely, I would have gone into labor within a day or so.

This time around, I've told myself from the get-go that I'm going to my due date...I'm most likely going PAST my due date. I have the date of about five days past my due date as the day I will have the baby...whether natural labor happens or an induction.  Not sure why that date is in my head...but it sure has made these last few weeks bearable and even going forward, the next five.  

Surely, when I hit my due date I will be READY to get this baby out, but for now, I simply smile at all the well-wishers and say, "Nah, I don't think so.  I have at least 5-6 weeks left!"

(PS:  I really ought to get a belly pic on here...it would make this post so much better...but I don't have time right now.  Maybe later!)


  1. I'd love to see a belly picture! And yeah, I was getting those comments from 7 months pregnant on. I was sure I wasn't going to make it to my due date, but he was born on the exact day! I am always big, but I think I was a bit bigger than usual since he was a good sized baby and I had a TON of water, so his head never really engaged. I should stop rambling here and actually finish my birth story so I can post it! :)

  2. UGH... I always hated those comments. I got a lot of "Are you sure you aren't having twins?" Yeah that always made me feel extra fat!

    I wanna see a belly picture! I know you are beautiful!

  3. I too am holding out for the belly picture!

    And somewhat random: your pictures of Helen always make me smile, so I love the one of her alone at the top of your blog. She seems to be able to catch the camera just right and make me want to smile back.

  4. During the last trimester, it's amazing the comments people feel at liberty to share, isn't it?

    Can't wait to see that belly :D


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