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June 24, 2011

7 Quick Takes (6)

Jennifer had her baby this week!  A big thank you to Hallie at Betty Beguiles for hosting this week's 7 Quick Takes.

And now...7 Ponderings of Late Pregnancy

My hips ache.  Sleeping is the biggest culprit because I will sleep for several hours at night on one side.  Whichever side that I sleep on typically has a sore hip the next morning and I limp around in the midst of my waddles.  I'm quite a sight to see.

I had two summer babies first.  Then I had two winter babies.  I have to say that a summer pregnancy/baby - even with the heat and overall discomfort - suits my mental state much better!  With Helen and Dominic, I was depressed for the entire third trimester.  Of course, I didn't recognize it really until I was going through it (again!!) with Dominic, but looking back, I was horrendous to live with and I moped a lot.  I'm not saying I am a peach these days, but compared to this stage of pregnancy with Helen and Dominic, I really am a dream.  :)

Is it?  Or isn't it?  Labor that is.  I've never gone into labor completely on my own.  With Sarah - no hint of a contraction!  With Dani, either.  Helen just gave lots of opportunity for stretching and a few braxton-hicks contractions here and there.  With Dominic, it was mostly Braxton-Hicks contractions and never consistent or enough to make me wonder if I was in "real" labor.

This week, however, I have felt "crampy" (for lack of better descriptive word) basically all week.  Monday was during the day.  Then Tuesday and Wednesday nights, until I went to sleep I had these "crampy" feelings and then Thursday morning, they started really early, but fizzled after my mid-day doctor appointment.  Needless to say, I really have no clue what the start of true labor feels like and I continue to believe there's no way I'm having this baby before his due date naturally.

Believe it or not, but I am actually looking forward to a diet a couple of weeks after I have this baby.  I am such a goal-oriented person...and having a goal of losing my baby weight is just one of those things that gets me focused like nothing else.  Now...I wish that I were a good pregnant woman and was able to simply gain only the weight necessary for my healthy baby...but unfortunately, my metabolism doesn't cooperate with my wishes and I really just don't have any willpower when I'm pregnant.

Something else I'm looking forward to?  My first three mile run about 8 weeks after I have this baby.  And I'm also looking forward to my first hour long swim workout.  oh, to move....really MOVE again!!!

I really do enjoy pregnancy for the most part.  Sure, my hips hurt, my back aches and I get swollen.  However, I do enjoy feeling the baby move, caressing my baby bump, and wearing tennis shoes to work.  But my body is not my own.  I don't begrudge it, but it is so nice when I get it back and I can really move again.

I will miss pregnancy when it's gone.  I'll miss the kicking.  I'll miss playing with the little guy in my tummy.  We have this game where I push on (what I think is) his bum and a little to the right, he will kick me with his foot.  I will miss being able to tell the doctor where he will find the little guy's heart beat.  He always puts the doppler on my left side of my tummy and I always say after a second..."over on this side, doc...you always hear his heart over here."  And he moves it and sure enough, there's that heart beat.  I will miss having him all to myself and only sharing when I feel like it.

What I can't wait for the most is laying this baby on my chest and cuddling him next to me for hours at a time.  I can't wait to put my forefinger in his little hand and feel him cling to it.  I can't wait to watch him turn to me as he hears my voice...recognizing me immediately and wanting me to snuggle and hold him.  I can't wait to give him a bath and massage his little legs and put a diaper on him.  I can't wait to see his Daddy holding him and see him cuddle his Daddy.  I can't wait to see how the older kids bond with him, play with him and love on him. 

It will all happen so soon and it will pass far too quickly.  But it will be wonderful.

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Have a terrific Friday!!


  1. These were fun to read! I love the "I really am I dream.:)" Keep us updated...mobile blogging!!! I'm getting excited for his arrival. ;)

  2. So sweet! I really liked being pregnant. I actually felt like my body did a better job then than it usually does!

    Praying for you in these last two weeks or so! :)

  3. Ouch on the sore hips! I remember that, it went away really quickly this time, I hope the it's the same for you. I miss the same things you mention about pregnancy, but it is nice to have the ability to move again! And hold my little boy, he is so precious and growing so fast!

  4. Looking forward to your birth announcement! :) Praying for safety and health for all of you.

  5. So fun! I'm sure he'll be here before you know it!


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