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July 16, 2011

Happy Birthday Letter to Sarah

Dear Sarah,
10 years old today!  I remember when you were born that I couldn't even fathom the weeks that were passing by so very quickly.  And those weeks passing by turned into years...and here you are, a decade of life.

I couldn't have asked the Lord to bless me with a better kid for my first, my oldest.  There are many adjectives I could use to describe you and yet, they wouldn't be enough.

You are smart.  We've always said you're "too smart for our own good."  And it's not just book smarts, though you've got that.  But you're savvy about so many different things.  

You are kind.  I love the way you handle yourself with your siblings.  I've been proud to watch the way you've molded your friendships at school and at church.  

You are responsible.  I know that when I've asked you not to do something, that you won't do it.  I remember when the Second Grade teacher told me all about how you passed out the gum in your treat bags at a class party to your friends because you knew we didn't want you chewing gum.  You complete your school work on your own and you've taken on new responsibilities at home.

Your love for God shows in your interactions with everyone.  You've always been a prayerful and contemplative little girl.  I remember when you were three years old and you asked me questions about Jesus being the Son of God and ultimately came to the conclusion that Mary was the mother of God.  I was speechless at the time.  And now, after another 7 years of watching you grow in your prayer life and seeing your understanding of your faith come to light, I see that it was merely a foreshadow of the things to come.

On this, your 10th birthday, I pray for you, my darling.  I pray that you always stay close to our Lord and our Blessed Mother.  I pray that you form your conscience with their grace and maintain your humility.  I pray that you continue to see your place in our family as the wonderful blessing it is and that you know how loved you are by all of us.  

I pray that I can feel even halfway worthy to be your mother and to guide you toward the path to Heaven.


Thank you for reading. I enjoy reading other perspectives, please feel free to share yours. :)