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August 12, 2011

7 Quick Takes (8)

Sometimes it's just easier to slap up 7 Quick Takes, you know?  Thanks to Jen at Conversion Diary for hosting!

We are a week into potty training Dominic!  Woo-Hoo!  Seriously, I was resigned a couple of weeks ago that he may get to be the age of 3 before we got around to really doing this, but I'm pleasantly surprised that I think we're on our way now.

You know, I had two babies in diapers when Dani was a baby.  But Dani potty-trained four months before Helen was born and Helen potty-trained 2 months before Dominic was even conceived.  So this business of buying two sizes of diapers and changing two boys' diapers regularly got old really darn fast.  :)

School starts on Tuesday.  I have three school-aged children this year.  Wow.  Let me say that again, I have three kids in real life full-time school this year.  I know it means we are busy, but it also means my family is growing up.  It's happening so fast, but not so fast.  (I know you people who have kids whose ages span 0-10 years will know what I mean.)

So, back to potty-training.  When we were making a big deal and partying for Dominic Sunday night when he had success going in the potty, I called my Dad to have him make a big deal (we were calling everyone).  And Dad says, "Oh we're just trying to make them grow up as fast as we can, aren't we?"  See...I don't want to rush the growing up process, however, I DO want to stop changing a 2.5-year-old's diapers.  And personally, I don't want to completely rush the baby process...but at the same time, the goal IS to get the kids out of my house someday, right?  And the first step seems to be independent potty-ing.

I won a giveaway!  Maggie, at From the Heart, reviewed the book, The Invisible World, and had a giveaway of a copy and I won!  How awesome is that?!?  That is TWO (count 'em, TWO!) giveaways I won in 2011 (so far).  I never win stuff like this, so I'm more than excited.

Speaking of Giveaways...

My parish/school does a fundraiser each year called the Guardians Gameday Giveaway.  The fundraiser happens throughout the NFL football season.  A person could buy a raffle ticket for $25.  You hold on to your ticket for the 17 week NFL football season.  Your ticket has three-team combinations each week and you want to watch and see how many points each of your three teams scores each week.  After all the football games are played, there are payouts as follows:
  • Highest Three Team Total     $500
  • Second Highest Total            $250
  • Third Highest Total               $100
  • Fourth Highest Total             $75
  • Lowest Three Team Total     $50
  • Second Lowest Total            $25
  • Third Lowest Total               $10
That's a total of $1010 cash prizes paid out each week.  Are you interested?  Please email me or leave a comment and I can respond (if your e-mail is turned on in your profile) and I can get you a ticket.  The best thing about this is you can play it no matter where you live (I'm assuming most people reading this who would be interested are living in the United States or Canada).

I won last year!  One week I had the Fourth Highest Total so I got $75.  Better yet...LOTS of my tickets won prizes last year (you know, because I'm lucky like that).  So, let me know if you want to buy a ticket from me.

One more thing about it...You can buy one ticket for $25 or 5 tickets for $100.

Okay, I'm done.

I never posted any pics from my Aunt Bea's 100th birthday celebration.  Well, here is a picture of Aunt Bea holding Vincent.  The oldest member of our family holding the youngest.  I love it.  Of course, Vincent has a cousin who is due in October...but for now, he's the youngest.

I have to take our van in for some work today.  Boo.  Our automatic sliding door hasn't worked for awhile, so we're going to see how much it will cost (and will probably) have it fixed.  I hope it's not too terribly expensive.

I hope you all have a great weekend!  Be sure to visit Jen for more Quick Takes!


  1. Ever since our second child was born I have ALWAYS had at least 2 kids in diapers. For about 6 months we actually had all 3 of our oldest in diapers at the same time. Talk about a pain in the butt! Our oldest boy is turning 3 next months and we have baby number five due in march, so at this point I'm just really hoping I can get him potty trained by then!

  2. you are pregnant!?!? Yay!!! Congratulations!!!!!!! :) :) :)

  3. Oh, I hate it when people try to make you feel bad for wanting the kids to grow and develop! Esp. in the area of toilet training. Only someone who doesn't have to do diapers would ever THINK of suggesting that toilet training means trying to push them to grow up! LOL. Let me tell you, we are pushing toilet training HARD right now with Nicholas, who's also 2 1/2. I would just love to be a one-diaper family. At least during the day.

  4. That picture of your aunt Bea and Vincent is SO sweet, I can see why you love it!

  5. I love your potty-training theory... its one of many steps in getting them to be independent!

    My youngest brother leaves for college and my MIL asked if my mom was sad... her response was "I'd be sad if he wasn't able/willing to leave my house"


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