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August 1, 2011

Monday Mumbles - 4

In celebration of one of my very good bloggy-friends, TOOJE, getting her computer back and Mumbling today...I, too, am going to Mumble!!!  I have really missed TOOJE and her blog so I do hope her computer doesn't get sick again.  Ever.  :)

10 random thoughts for this First Monday, this First day of August.  Holy cow!  How is it this year is flying by so fast??  Oh yeah, probably that whole constantly-on-the-go-family thing.

1.  As soon as I started this, my baby boy started fussing!  And so now..another 30 minutes later (two big burps, cleaning up the kitchen and a bit of fussing) here I am to try and write this post.  These first few newborn weeks really are kind of rough for me.  I try to figure out what the cries mean.  I check the diaper, try to feed (when it seems like we just fed), I bounce the baby, I pat the baby's back, I try the pacifier.  Yeah, and we just keep going until ultimately, the baby tuckers out from fussing and finally falls asleep.  *sigh* 

2.  Every time I have a baby, as I am sometimes distraught with hormonal tears and fatigue and trying to learn my new baby, I struggle to remember what the first 3-4 months were like the last time (you know, to get some clues to the answer).  

I think I'm sold on the notions that A) every baby really is different, so remembering previous babies probably wouldn't help anyway; B) I've had too many babies to be able to remember the gory details; and/or C) the main reason God created the "blackout" of memory is to ensure the memory doesn't prevent future acceptance of blessings should He choose to send them.  Kind of like how He erases the pain of labor from your memory, too.

3.  Two weeks and a day before school starts.  Wow, summer flew by...much to my daughters' dismay.  My kids love to read so the required summer reading for school was no problem.  However, Craig and I recently discovered that Sarah had not kept up with her summer math practice.  Dani was behind, too, but not as bad as Sarah.  T.V. is now banned until said math practice exercises are complete.  You know your kids have been allowed too much T.V. when such a proclamation induces tears and borderline tantrums.  Oh well, July is over...back to reality, kiddos.  :)

4.  Last week was NFP Awareness Week.  I didn't do anything on my blog for it this year, but I enjoyed this from Rae at There Is No Wealth But Life.  I especially liked the part about how calling it NFP Awareness Week implies that NFP is something to be protected from (like Cancer)...I hadn't thought about it that way.  Another article I really enjoyed was this one from Project M.  It explored society's definition of "safe sex" and how it ought to be redefined based on what some might term "ideals" (of course).  Good stuff.

5.  I am coaching the 5th grade girls in volleyball this year. We start practicing next week.  I am looking forward to seeing how the girls do this year.  I hope they come to practice ready for some hard work!  (You know, running, push-ups, all that stuff that makes you good :)  )

6.  I am about three weeks away from my first run.  I can tell.  I'm itching to really get moving.  I've been walking a bit.  But Craig is making me jealous with all his running.  He ran a 10K in June and he's training for a half in October.  I'm toying with the idea of training and running it with him.  The hard part would be getting both of our long runs in for the training part.  I imagine we could find a sitter for the kids the day of the race.  We may even be able to find someone willing to bring Sarah, Dani and Helen to the race to cheer us on.  I'll keep you posted on whether I go for it.

7.  Do you have Masses said for your children?  I keep feeling the heavy weight of the idea of having Masses said for my children on their Baptism day every year.  I guess since it's been on my heart for the last 4 months to do it, I ought to get my butt into the Parish office and schedule them for 2012.  

8.  Vincent will be 5 weeks old on Thursday.  That means I will have 7 weeks before I have to go back to work.  There has been an organizational change recently that impacted my area (specifically my boss) and now I'm praying about how I want to approach things.  I have good benefits at my job now and it's very difficult to walk away from that, no matter my feelings on the work or my work environment.  Having another baby has made me acutely aware of that fact.  Oh, and another thing having a baby has done?  Brought to the forefront that sometimes I just have to sacrifice myself a little (or a lot) and do the work at the job where I am because upheaval is really not a good option right now.  Sometimes it kind of stinks to be a grown-up.

9.  Did I mention that I have an iPad and an iPhone now?  I'm thoroughly enjoying them.  I found the Kindle App for my iPad and it really does change the way the iPad looks for reading (which is positive).  Now I need to learn how to use Kindle, because I don't have the first clue.  

Additionally, do any of you out there know if there is a reasonably good App for blogging on iPad?  I haven't found one yet and didn't know if Blogger had one up and running or not.  Suggestions?

10.  I've been trying to do daily Mass while I'm on leave.  Last week it was easy because the kids were in Totus Tuus and they moved the daily Mass back to 9:00 a.m. all week.  But it's back to 7:30 a.m. now, which is fine.  We live so close, and I'm most likely up anyway.  I love going to Mass every day.  I wish I could find a way to do it even when I am working 40 hours a week.  Maybe someday.

Hope you have a great Monday!


  1. Happy August!
    I use the app Blogpress and have been fairly happy (it has been about 6 months and am still figuring it out). Hope your girls enjoy their last weeks of vacation and you enjoy your remaining maternity leave.

  2. Praying you figure out your work situation!


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