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August 29, 2011

Monday Mumbles - 6

I like to do Monday Mumbles.  Why?  Because it forces me to put SOMEthing up here on this blog on Mondays!  :)  Go visit TOOJE if you are interested in reading more Monday Mumbles.

1.  First of all, why is it that every time I import pics from my camera-that-is-not-my-iPhone, I get all kinds of pictures of my sweeties that I did not take?  I'll tell you why.  Because I am mother to a bunch of hams.  They HAVE to get their picture taken.  I think they are addicted to being on film. I think some of these photos need to get printed with a Walgreen coupon code and into a photo album.  I have created a bunch of monsters!  :)

So, I am going to give you today's completely un-edited (other than adding my blog name) sampling:
 My beautiful 10-year-old

 Because ONE photo is NEVER enough!!

 Dominic - including background messy dining room and baby doll-crib!

 My Helen...Is this a variation of a Marilyn Monroe pose you think?  Or am I flippin' my lid?

2.  I have started following a couple of new blogs recently.  One is written by my friend, Beth, and is called Faith Forward.  I have enjoyed her first few posts.  Another is Bad Catholic.  I was drawn in first by the name.  I was further intrigued by the content.  Finally, what put me over the edge (to follow) is that the author is a teenager (for now...as we know, people do grow older :)).  Very cool blog, check it out!

3.  Friends, I have begun the mammoth task of preparing Helen for my return to work.  Yes, it is going to take more effort and encouragement aimed in her direction leading up to the day I return than for myself (and that is saying A LOT!!)  I have begun, though.  As I mentioned here, Helen's and my relationship takes a lot of attention and this instance is no different.  So, last night as I tucked her into bed, I said "Helen, start preparing yourself.  Mommy goes back to work in four weeks."  And then, realizing I wasn't being FULLY truthful (on a technicality), I said, "Well, it's really three weeks and four days.  So, understand that it's coming and I can't have you crying all morning when I leave for work.  We'll try to have extra cuddles and snuggles before bed, though."  And I commenced extra cuddles and snuggles.  

Yes, she plays me.  

Yes, I let her.

Moving on.

4.  Do you want to know WHY I didn't get this post up until middle of the day today?  Here is why.  This adorable baby boy was not being so adorable last night!
No, he was screaming his head off and didn't go to sleep in his crib until about 12:15!  I need to get a photo of that sometime.  The screaming his head off part.  Not the 12:15 a.m. part. 

This is decidedly NOT COOL for me.  I had Vincent on this schedule where he was getting in the crib asleep anywhere from 9:30 to 10:30 p.m. and sleeping until 7:00 the next morning.  We need to get back there.  Pronto.

5.  The college football season begins this coming weekend.  I will grant you, *my* team isn't the best football team out there, but I get excited every year anyway.  GO JAYHAWKS!!!

6.  This weekend is also the Irish Fest in Kansas City.  My kids have been talking about it for weeks.  I think we'll have to go on Saturday though because my niece is getting baptized Sunday and I think we ought to go to that.  Anyway, at the Irish Fest, maybe we can get there to watch some of the local Irish dance schools perform. 

7.  I just realized that Dani was missing from today's sampling of pics I didn't take.  Well, she didn't have any this round, but here are two from a couple of months ago not taken by me:

And, yes, she can go from one mood to the other...swiftly!  I love my Dani-girl.

8.  Okay, I'm having to force these now.  So I'm going to stop!  Have a great Monday!

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