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September 23, 2011

7 Quick Takes (9)

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The Back-To-Work and School Picture day Edition!

I bet you'll never guess what happened on my first morning back to work.  And since you'd never guess, I will tell you.  Dominic wet the bed after going many, many nights of sleeping without a pullup and NOT wetting the bed...he just HAD to do it the morning I needed to get out the door.  So, I had to strip his bed, give him a bath, start his sheets in the wash, get him out of the bath and dressed all while the girls were supposed to be getting up.  Oh yeah, and Vincent simply HAD to get a new diaper and be fed at the exact same time.  Oy.

I was nervous all week about heading back into the office.  Something about being away for 12 weeks does that to you.  I had heard through co-workers and friends that some organizational changes had been announced and were in-process.  I was nervous about the awkwardness of the situation.  I was nervous about what I would forget to do, how much I would be required to contribute, how many e-mails I would have waiting for me and (yes, this is a little embarrassing) but I was nervous about whether people would be happy to see me back. 

As it turns out, fretting was not necessary.  My boss (for just a couple more days) brought in donuts for the team, a pleasant surprise.  I received many warm "Welcome Back!" messages and lots of people asking, "How's the baby?"  I was happy to be able to chat with TOOJE, work up a new diversity initiative idea with another co-worker and lay my fears to rest about people being happy to see me.  I am a little surprised at my desire for affirmation in that regard, but as they say, it is what it is.

"It is what it is."  Can I ask just WHAT that phrase is supposed to mean?  If anyone can answer me...is it supposed to be taken literally?  In which case, it's a stupid saying.  Is it supposed to be taken figuratively?  In which case...um, how??  I really dislike this saying, but I hear it probably 4-8 times a day from the goobers on the Sports Talk Radio station.  And I sit there wondering just what the heck they mean by it? 

Tomorrow night, Sarah, Danielle, Helen and I will go see...

...Taylor Swift in her Speak Now tour.  The concert is at Arrowhead and the girls and I are very excited! 

Kindergarten picture day was Tuesday.  And I am only putting Helen's pictures up here because she requested "curly hair like her (blonde) cousins do for their pictures".  I scrambled around Monday night to obtain a set of curlers and we let Helen sleep in curlers Monday night.  It was worth it.  Every stinkin' minute-late-to-bed.  So. Worth. It.

Here she is, ready for bed:

And here she is the next morning before school:

Oh my goodness, I have my hands full with this one.  ;)
Have a terrific weekend.  I pray we have fantastic weather for the concert Saturday and the 5th grade girls play their butts off Sunday.  Happy Friday!


  1. Oh, Helen, you are darling, but for more than just those amazing curls! ;)

    Michelle, I'm thinking of you and praying for you as you manage it all again as a working mom. Such grace!

  2. So glad your first day back went well (but not that it got to start with changing sheets and extra baths!).

    And I know I already commented on Facebook, but OMG is Helen adorable! Those curls are fantastic!

  3. If it makes you feel any better, we have three children who are basically toilet trained, yet still wet Every.Single.Night. I am beginning to believe that we will never, ever, ever truly exit the diaper stage.

  4. Glad your first day back to the office went so well!

    I think people say "it is what it is" when they don't know how to explain something or what else to say about it. Kind of like admitting they can't change the situation, you know?

  5. Wish I was going to see Taylor Swift! Take meeeee with you! :)

    Glad your transition back was smooth; and have fun!

  6. The curls are so cute! I'm glad getting back into work seems to be going smoothly.

  7. Translation of "it is what it is": "This is the situation that I have and I find no benefit from complaining about it." At least that's been what it has been for me when I've used it.

    I remember coming back after my first maternity leave (I had two with my son) and finding that all the bugs in our new computer system were fixed! I also almost fainted that day but that also could have been because I went back the second the could medically clear me to do so. (I'd had an emergency c-section at 29 weeks and I needed to go back to work to save some of my leave for when my son came home.)

  8. our daughter seems to wet her bed almost every night. Not sure why she's doing it other than that she's completely exhausted. I'm guilty of letting her go until nighttime for her bath. We are already challenged with getting our 1 year old to take 1 tsp of medicine. That is a process in itself.

    so worth it with those rollers. Helen is just so beautiful. :)

    Oh and glad that heading back to work went well. Have fun at that concert!


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