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October 24, 2011

Monday Mumbles - 10

Good morning!  It's Monday!  Time to Mumble and Grumble my way back into another busy busyweek.

1.  Ugh.  There's a general PTO meeting tonight and guess who didn't set up a babysitter?  oy.  First one I will miss, I think EVER.

2.  My 5th grade girls won their volleyball match yesterday!  They only had one, though...so it kind of kept us exactly where we were in the standings.  But they played well and beat a team from a really big school (that team has THREE teams from their 5th grade...).

3.  I really hope some things calm down related to work.  Like family members passing away and family crisis, and all that jazz.  You know, just in time for the Holidays and everything that comes along with that.

4.  One year ago tonight, I came home from the general PTO meeting and took a pregnancy test.  I found out my little Vincent was on his way.  I have a series of posts I am working on as I reflect on the first trimester of a year ago.  It was quite an interesting time in my (and his) life!

5. Our family descended on the Pumpkin Patch this weekend!  Got some good photos.  I even got some with all five of my kiddos (Sarah holding Vincent).  Maybe I'll update my photo header again.  (BTW - when Kelsey redesigned my blog, I think the best money I spent was having it so I could just send her pictures to update that thing any time I needed it).

Well, I'm running late, so 5 mumbles is all I got!  Have a great Monday.  If you would like to see where Mumbles originated, go visit TOOJE, and read her Mumbles for today.  And if you Mumble on Monday, let her know!  She gets all tickled when other people Mumble on Monday, too.  :)

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  1. I love Mumblers, indeed I do. :) I hope things really calm down for you at work as well. I didn't check in on you today....the one time I went and checked your status in IM, you had been away for an hour....maybe lunching. We'll chat tomorrow. Until then....get some rest!


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