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October 27, 2011

Thankful Thursdays (2)

It's time for another edition of Thankful Thursdays, hosted by Rebecca at The Road Home.

Today, I am thankful:

For my friend TOOJE (aka "Jessica").  Do you know that I wouldn't have a blog if I hadn't stumbled onto hers a couple of years ago?  I worked with her and we became Facebook friends first.  Then I came across one of her blogposts, read it and saw where she referenced "The Catholic Lady" at work (and I figured out it was me!!!)  We've become a bit better than acquaintances I would say.  And I'm so thankful to have her in my life!

Leading on from #1...I am thankful that I started to blog because through Jessica and through my blog, I met Rebecca!  I can't tell you how much I appreciate this friendship.  Sometimes it's nice to know that someone else out in the big, bad world had an experience so similar to your own.  Rebecca and I share the experience of growing up "cradle Catholic" and largely ignorant of the teachings of our faith.  Then discovering the truths of our Catholic faith as adults.  We share the experience of growing up in a divorced household.  We share a love of sports for our respective schools.  I'm so thankful to have Rebecca in my life!


  1. I'm thankful for the Catholic Lady. :) And the reference was always in a thoughtful way - our conversations at work often made the blog because they were thought-provoking and interesting.

    I like to, in some way, claim matchmaker for you and Rebecca's "friend" affair. LOL It's so neat that you two have become such good friends - met each other, and everything! And the Big 12 might be aiding that friendship before too long. Even more fun to be had.

    Happy Thursday!

  2. Thank-you so much :). I love you too and I could write the same words. And yes, TOOJE, you were our matchmaker :).

    Now, if we could just get {stupid} congressman to butt out of college football, we'd have some fun times when our teams face off!

  3. Well I join you in your thankfulness for TOOJE because I am very thankful that you blog!


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