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November 14, 2011

Monday Mumbles - 12

Last week, I tried to post mumbles from my blogger app on my iPad.  That was an epic FAIL.  So, I really didn't get around to blogging at all.  But, it's now Monday...the 7th to last Monday of 2011...and I bring you The Mumbles!  Go visit TOOJE if you're interested in doing or reading Mumbles (other than mine :)  )

1.  My grandmother passed away November 4.  I miss her.  I missed her before she passed away, but now I miss her in a different way.  Services will be held November 19 and my family and I are traveling to attend.  I had thought maybe I wouldn't worry about the funeral since I went to see her in September.  But it just feels like something I need to do and do it with my family, too.  So...we will go.

2.  Our 5th grade girls made it to the Quarterfinals of the City volleyball tournament.  I am really proud of them.  They had a slow start to the season, and really came on strong.  Making the tournament was an accomplishment in itself (we took third in our league).  But I can say just about every girl made vast improvements throughout the season.  That makes me happy.

3.  Oh yeah, and I think they all really enjoy playing volleyball.  And that makes me happy, too.

4.  Last night, we had adult volleyball in our gym.  I had not actually played in a really long time (I might have been newly pregnant with Helen).  But since Craig was off work, I went and had a blast.  It was fun.

5.  My Dad and step-mom came to visit last week!  It was great to see them.  They got to hang out with the kids.  My step-mom and the girls processed one of our pumpkins and then they made pumpkin pie and pumpkin bread.  Delicioso!  (Is that how you spell that?)  

6.  Dani started basketball practice Friday.  She's very excited.  There are 16 girls in her class out for basketball.  That's crazy.  They will be splitting the girls into two teams for playing time purposes.  That's good.  I wonder if Dani will like basketball as much as she liked soccer.

7.  Sarah's not playing basketball this year.  Not enough girls were interested and I could have had her play up, but she is already basically a year behind girls in her own grade (due to Missouri cutoffs for starting Kindergarten) and having her play up to 6th grade would put her with girls basically two years ahead of her physically.  I might get her some volleyball lessons.  I know we'll do some swim lessons.  She'll probably enjoy some time off from an organized sport for the winter.

8.  I think I might be having some mild post-partum depression still.  I find it hard to get happy about things that usually make me happy.  I find myself kind of paranoid that people don't like me or don't want to be around me.  These are the kinds of things I experienced after I had Dominic, too.  It's really kind of a pain in the butt, to be honest.  I don't really want to take anything for it, though.  Probably just a mind-over-matter thing.

9.  At the auction the other night, Craig bought this t-shirt:

I figure with three daughters, we'll get good use out of that.

10.  I took the girls shopping on Saturday.  I think I may have spoiled them...just a little.

Have a great Monday!


  1. Sorry to hear about your grandmother!

    Mmm, pumpkin pie and pumpkin bread; you are speaking my lannguage! :)

  2. Love that shirt!

    And pumpkin bread - yum yum yum!

  3. I think spoiling the girls shopping sounds like fun. I bet they had a blast.

    I really like pumpkin bread. It's usually always so moist and since it's a heavier bread, I need that.

    Even if you are experiencing some PPD, I know you'll get through it just fine. Some of it can certainly be mind over matter, but don't just assume it is if you feel worse as weeks go along. I really, really don't want to run to the 4th floor to check on you several times a day. You KNOW I don't want to go down there! LOL

  4. I'm always paranoid that people don't want to be around me! My anxiety is hitting me hard and I don't want to take anything for it, but I think I might have to pretty soon. I hope you find peace and happiness soon!

  5. I am sorry about your grandmother. I hope that attending the services will be healing and help your whole family to grieve together.

    And I am sorry about the depression as well. About a month ago something the doctor put me on to help my hormones (HAHAHA!) gave me an inside look at depression like I had never understood it before. I hope this passes quickly for you, and if not that you are able to get help that works with what you need.

  6. Haven't seen anyone sign their work JMJ since Catholic school! :)

    Found you on Rae Jericho' the blog http://nowealthbutlife.com/

    You and I shared comments on her post: What's another baby, so I had to stop by and say hello!


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