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December 28, 2011

2011 - A Blog Year In Review

I was inspired by Elizabeth Esther's post last week where she listed her top 15 posts of 2011.  I am nowhere near the level of EE with regards to writing, readership and the like, but I thought I'd look through my posts from 2011 and highlight the ones that stood out on their own.

Of course, THE main event of 2011, you know the one with life-changing implications, was the pregnancy, anticipation, arrival and acclimation of Vincent Gerard to our family. 

Earlier this year, I was fleshing out my feelings about my parents, the divorce and what that has meant for me as an adult and as a mother.  Here are a four posts related to that:

Four other favorites from this year:

And finally, three posts related to my acceptance of God's call to live my vocation as a wife and mother in a more unorthodox sense:

Some of these inspired more feedback than others.  In reviewing these, I see that I write more reflection and confession than controversy.  I guess that's par for the course for my personality as I prefer to profess my faith and state my position rather than take a defensive and protective stance braced for a fight.

I rather enjoyed reading through these again.  Sometimes I think, "Wow, I wrote that?!?" and on some things I think..."Uh...wow...I wrote that" while shaking my head.  :)

If you have any comments to add, please do so.  I read every comment faithfully and earnestly.

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