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December 16, 2011

7 Quick Takes (14)

--- 1 ---

I got a call Wednesday night from a woman in Ottawa that checks in on my Aunt Bea.  She left a voicemail because I was at the kids' Christmas programs when she called.  Her message was long and mentioned whether "any of you" (meaning me or my sister or brother that live up this way) were "going to do anything for Bea for Christmas or for her birthday" and that she wasn't doing well.  So, I called the woman back and she unloaded on me a little bit.  I wasn't prepared for her phone call and of course, the emotions that overcame me when hearing Bea wasn't doing well, didn't help me receive the tongue-lashing and guilt trip that ensued.  This woman is the only way any of us can get information and she never calls to tell us if Bea has ended up in the hospital...we usually find out after Bea is better and out of the hospital and back at the home.  And since none of us is on the list of people for the retirement home to talk to us, we have to rely on this woman for information.  I'm not sure why it was set up that way, but that's just the way it is.

Even though I didn't owe this woman anything, I explained that it's difficult for me to get down there because I usually have all five of my children with me when I am not working since my husband works nights/weekends.  She backed off a little bit, but continued to complain about whatever she had been doing for my Aunt Bea and used the word "burden" to describe my most beloved stand-in grandmother.  I was pretty much checking out at that point.  I didn't like her talking about my Aunt Bea that way.  And if she feels that way, then she should take herself off "the list" and put my name on "the list"...I certainly don't think Aunt Bea is a burden.

In the conversations with some other family members after the phone call, I realize that the woman probably is stressed with the holidays, and her husband has been sick and probably from the outside looking in (as far as Bea's family goes), we might look like we're pretty neglectful.  I mean, she's checking in with Bea regularly and if she never sees anyone else, she's bound to think she's the only one doing anything.  

I did go and see Bea Thursday morning and we had a lovely visit.  She was having a good day which was all I prayed for on the way down there.  I ironed out some details with Aunt Bea about what she'd like me to do for her and she reiterated that she didn't need me to bring her anything or spend any money on her that she has all she needs.  We exchanged lots of "I love you's" and I held her hand and showed her pictures of the kids on my phone.  Finally, I had to make myself leave because she was so tired and I could tell she was trying to stay up for me.  I don't know how long we have with Aunt Bea.  Please keep her in your prayers.  She's one of the most important people in my life.

--- 2 ---
I am Christmas shopping today.  I really hope I get it all done since I can do it without kids in tow.  I have all of the items that need to be shipped to my sister and brother that do not live around here wrapped and ready to go.  Today is for all the relatives that are traveling HERE for Christmas this year.

--- 3 ---
Oh!  The Christmas programs!  They were wonderful.  Helen was assigned the part of Mary for the K-1 program.  She did a lovely job.  Here's a picture:

oh and here's another one:

Then grades 2-5 put on a great little show, too.  My poor Sarah...she's so little.  But she's a 5th grader, so they put her in the back with all the 5th graders.  And then promptly stood a couple of tall 4th and 3rd graders in front of her.  I couldn't even see her!!  Dani was on the other side of the production, but we were able to see a little bit of her while they were singing.  The program was really good, though.  All the kids sang so loud and proud and they were good!

--- 4 ---
So, exercise hasn't been high on the priority list since I ran a 5K on the first Sunday of November.  *sigh* I MUST get back on the wagon!  I'm doing a spin class Saturday with a friend.  It's a complimentary "try it out" class at the community center.  I know it will be fun.  I do wonder if they even have a class that I could get to on a regular basis though!  Vincent is almost 6 months old which means he can start going to the Child Watch area soon!  That makes a Saturday workout more feasible and so maybe if I am getting there on Saturdays, I'll work harder to get there before work during the week a couple of days.

--- 5 ---
Dominic got his tonsils and adenoids out a week and a couple of days ago.  I'm watching him closely, though.  I don't think the anesthesia has completely worn off or something.  He's still rather lethargic and whiny/gripe-y.  But I am taking him to his daycare today.  Maybe he can just lay low and hang out.  But getting out of the house might help him snap out of it.  (I hope???)

--- 6 ---
I just read this post over at Roman Catholic Cop.  I like the way it's written and it has a very good message for Advent.  Go read it!

--- 7 ---
I uploaded this pic to Facebook last night.  I finally got the high chair back out so Vincent could sit in it while eating his nightly bowl of rice cereal before bed.  It was amazing how much better he ate it sitting in there than in his bouncy seat!  

Anyway, a rather hilarious discussion ensued, begun by my husband, about Vincent looking like he just threw down a beer or something and was looking and waiting for another.  I finally determined that it must be my motherly eye that only sees pure innocence and joy in the face of my baby boy.  Is he not adorable??

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Prayers for your Aunt Bea for sure! I'm sorry the situation's so stressful from the woman checking in on her. I also hope Dominic's back to himself, soon!

  2. Prayers for your Aunt, glad you had a good visit.
    Great pictures, glad the programs went well ~ and I agree with you Vincent is adorable and nary a hint of a 'red nose flush'!!

  3. No, actually, I totally agree with Craig on this one. LOL He wants and needs another! And if you could change the channel while you're up, woman....LOL


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