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December 8, 2011

Thankful Thursdays (6)

Friends, Between a crazy work, school and family schedule, the holiday season, my Dominic having surgery to remove his tonsils and adenoids yesterday, the KU game Tuesday...I have hardly had time to pee (sorry if that bothers you) let alone write this week.  But, I am making time to be thankful today.  :)

I am thankful...

...for excellent surgeons and today's technology that makes a tonsillectomy and adenoid removal "routine" procedure

...for kid-friendly pain medications

...for Grandmas (Dominic's was so gracious to come and spend the day helping Craig since I had to work)

...for college basketball - I CANNOT WAIT to be in Allen Fieldhouse on Saturday as KU plays THE Ohio State University (currently ranked #2 in the country).  Even if KU loses, I am betting it will be a great game.  I've been so excited that before the conference play started this year, we have already played Kentucky, Duke and now will play OSU (all top-10).  Past few years non-con schedules were pretty pathetic.  ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK! GO KU!!!  :)

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  1. Today's technology is definitely something to be thankful for. Simple breathing machines in the home can make a world of difference from when Hubs was young versus now, with our kids and asthma.

    This afternoon, I am thankful for free refills of Coca-Cola!

  2. Sorry... just had to make one comment...

    Go Bucks! OH

    In all seriousness... have fun :-)


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