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January 6, 2012

7 Quick Takes (15)

--- 1 ---

Work has gotten so much less interesting since I have been back from maternity leave--in a good way.  My management situation is drastically improved, and I hope others in the group feel the same way.  He has made some changes and we all know how painful change is for some folks.  But overall, 4th quarter was peaceful on that front.

--- 2 ---

Dominic is a stinker.  Does anyone have any tips on how I can convince him to sleep in his own bed again?  He was doing just fine and then about two weeks before his surgery he started making his way to my bed  in the middle of the night.  That morphed into the whole night when he had his surgery.  Then, we geared up and said, "on SUNDAY night, you have to start sleeping in your own bed again" and he did...for about 2 nights.  We rewarded him and praised him and everything.  But over the holiday break, he kept going into Sarah's bed.  Then, when I said he couldn't do that (she only has a twin and it was affecting her ability to get some sleep) he started sharing Helen's bed.  Helen has a "double" bed on the bottom bunk, so there's room for him there, but she kicked him out last night and he ended up in my bed again.  *sigh*  I really want him to WANT to sleep in his own bed and I really don't want to have a fight about it.  Any cool ideas for motivation out there?

--- 3 ---

I signed up for a 7-week session of Spin Class on Thursday nights.  It started last night.  Remember, I went to a complimentary class back in December.  You know, to sort of try-it-out and all.  But, this instructor was a bit tougher I guess.  I wasn't all that sore after the other class, but I was sore almost immediately last night and today I am definitely feeling it. And I know this is good...at least I continue to remind myself.
--- 4 ---
I started reading The Bible this week along with Catholic Mutt.  She wrote some thoughts on Job the other day.  I was behind her in the reading so I hadn't read it yet, but when I did, I was surprised that my impression of what was written was so different from hers.  I didn't read that anyone told Job that if he had more faith he wouldn't have the suffering he was having.  Did I miss something?  I guess I should re-read it, because it seemed like the three friends came and were sorry to see their friend suffering, but they didn't seem to say anything to them (I am reading New American Translation...given to my by my Benedictine Nun Aunt...do I have a weird translation?)  I got the impression that the friends were like so many friends of people who suffer...at a loss because there was nothing they could do to ease the suffering.  Where am I off, friends?
--- 5 ---

Sarah got an iPod Touch for Christmas.  I have to admit, I hemmed and hawed and toiled over this decision.  I kept wondering what I was doing spending that kind of money and giving that kind of technology over to a 10-year-old?  She's asked for one for a couple of years and before this year, I was pretty quick to dismiss it and never felt bad about it.  This year was different though.  I won't write too much about my process at this point because these ARE supposed to be QUICK takes.  But I will say this...one pleasant effect of her having an iPod Touch is the ability to be in touch with her through the iMessage feature (I have an iPhone) and her ability to catch video and pictures of the other kids that Craig and I are not able to catch.  She got a very cute video of Dominic saying his ABC's and some really sweet photos of Helen and Dominic together.

--- 6 ---

Dani got a guitar for Christmas.  No, not a toy one.  A real one.  One we expect her to learn how to play.  One she wants to learn how to play.  After Basketball is over.
--- 7 ---

Speaking of Basketball, Dani has her first games tomorrow!   So excited to see how the girls do!  Dani played rec league last year and learned a lot.  This year, her class gets to play in the parochial school development league.  She is in a class with 18 girls (!!!) and 16 of them went out for basketball (double !!!) so they have two teams of 8 girls. 

oh yeah and also speaking of basketball...Jayhawks played a great game the other night!  Well, mostly a great game.  They won which is nice...especially since we are in conference play now.  Jayhawks have won the last 7 conference championships, so here's to hoping they get #8!!

Have a great weekend!

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  1. I'm looking forward to the Bible reading...thinking The Man is going to join us too!

  2. You don't think they did the old bait-and-switch on the spin class, do you? ;) We always joke in therapy that we have to be sorta nice on the first day to make people come back for the second!

    And do I get to chime in on #4? Since I am biased and all. :) Basically, in the first 4 verses of ch. 4, he's telling Job that he talked the good talk, but then in verse 5 tells him that when it came time to walk the walk, Job failed. In 5:8, he's talking about what he would do in Job's situation; he would turn to God. Basically, Eliphaz is OT prosperity Gospel. If Job was doing right, he wouldn't be suffering. If God exposes the wicked (5:12-13), then the fact that Job has done all this outward good doesn't keep his "sin" from being exposed by God through the illness and calamity that struck Job.

    That still doesn't mean that you have to agree with me! I just wanted to be specific about why I said what I did. So glad you've joined in the reading!

  3. 2- I'm not a mom so my theory is not necessarily proven in a home but this is what they do to kids in the hospital. They use a sticker system. Every time the kid does something you want them to (i.e. sleep in his own bed) they get a sticker on the calendar for that day. After so many stickers, they can be traded in for a little toy or some other desirable thing. Hope it helps! :)

  4. Apparently (per my mother whose stories I won't believe, ahem), some kids do this. She pretends I was one of them and laughs when I tell her stories of OJ crawling into bed with me. He claims he only wants a big bed, but we'll see if that's the true story once he actually gets the bottom bunk of a twin bunk bed.

    Who knows what to do. I just snuggle him, carry him back to his bed, and hope he gets tired of it soon. Of course, in the morning hours I sneak in and pick him up off the floor where's he moved to, and put him back in his bed AGAIN. :)

  5. The book of Job starts out with God bragging that Job is his faithful servant who is upright and God-honoring. So it's not that Job was lacking. And yes, I've read the book of Job in the King James and the NIV and the friend do seem as if they are sad for their friend, but they do go on to say that Job must have been lacking in some way for this to have happened to him, and they go on about it for most of the book, each with their own version of why Job was falling short of God's ideal. At the end of the book God is angry with the friends for saying what they did and instructs them to ask Job to pray for them so that God doesn't destroy them.

  6. Re #2: my son was in the hospital for 3 weeks and refused to sleep in his crib when he was discharged. he slept in bed with us for the first few nights and then moved to the pack n' play in our bedroom. 9 months later, he's still in the pack n' play but it ended up working out because he needs the boundaries around him and his crib wouldn't have provided that.

    anyway, kids get that way after surgery or being in the hospital. it's normal though i have no idea as to how to get him back to his own bed.


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