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January 16, 2012

Monday Mumbles - 18

I am trying my hand using this Blogpress app again. We will see if it works. This is a Birthday Edition of the Mumbles. Go visit TOOJE for more Mumbles.

1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DOMINIC!!!! He turns 3 today!! Oh, my!!

2. Poor baby though, was sick most of the weekend with some sort of intestinal bug. No. Fun.

3. He already requested dinner at Cici's. Little bugger.

4. He is getting a chocolate cake. I think he is pretty excited about that.

5. Since I am on my iPad....no pic today. But rest assured, Dominic is one cute just-turned-3-year-old!

6. Seeing as it is Martin Luther King, Jr. day, I also have the day off work. BONUS! So, I am taking Dominic and Vincent to the doctor for well-check visits...Dom for his 3-year and Vincent for his 6-month.

7. And I really hope KU makes the day perfect by beating Baylor on Big Monday tonight. ROCK CHALK, JAYHAWK! GO KU!

Okay, that is all I got! Have a great Monday!

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  1. I wonder if this tummy bug is going around? I was sicker than a dog last night but blamed it on traveling and hospital food. Glad he is feeling better for his birthday!

    Have a fun day!

  2. Go 'Hawks!

    I can't believe that Dominic's 3. What a big boy!

  3. I hope Dominic has a super 3rd birthday! You will have to update later with a picture of him digging into his chocolate cake! :-)

  4. How was the cake??? Clearly the Hawks topped off the night!!!!!


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