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February 10, 2012

7 Quick Takes (18) - A Link Edition!

So, I'm short on blogging time this week (uh, duh) but I have been reading and OH have I been READING!  There is some great stuff out there, so I'm using this post this week to link up to seven posts and/or articles you really ought to read if you're Catholic (and maybe even if you're not, but you want to know what all the fuss is about).

--- 1 ---
Ironic Catholic:  Religious Institutions Forced to Pay for Employees' Slaves This is a good satirical piece that exhibits just how awful the HHS Mandate is.

--- 2 ---

Time to Admit it:  The Church Has Always Been Right on Birth Control - from the Politix section of Business Insider A refreshing article written by someone not OF the Catholic church.  Always a fan when someone "gets it".
--- 3 ---

Leila has become one of my very favorite bloggers to read.  She stirs up lots of stuff in the combox and I can rarely keep up, but she wrote this EXCELLENT post directed at "lukewarm" Catholics.  To Lukewarm Catholics...

--- 4 ---

Bad Catholic had a couple of awesome posts (when does he not?)  Here are two links:

Why Contraception is a Bad Idea #1 from the Natural Law Angle

His post about Nancy Pelosi (the Queen of Catholics-In-Name-Only).  Why does any Catholic vote for this woman?

--- 5 ---
JoAnna had a great post this week:  I am the 98%
--- 6 ---
--- 7 ---
For my last take, I'm just going to address something that I have seen a few times regarding this HHS mandate and the Catholic Church's (completely justified) reaction to it.  The Catholic church IS NOT forcing their religion on anyone.  The Catholic church is trying to follow teachings and that has been threatened with this mandate.
If a person chooses to work for a Catholic institution (hospital, school, charity) then that person should understand that the Church has certain tenets it cannot and will not breach.  If they want free birth control, then CHOOSE to work somewhere else or CHOOSE to buy your own birth control.  Besides, head on over to the nearest "Banned" Parenthood clinic and you'll get plenty of it for free.  I am proud of our bishops standing up...TOGETHER...WITH ONE VOICE and decrying this injustice.  I only wish they would have spoken up sooner with regards to "Catholic" politicians who OUTRIGHT mock Catholic church teaching in the public sphere.

Now, I'm not normally a political speaking blogger.  But I feel my faith and the freedom for my faith has been directly attacked and I feel like I can NOT remain silent in the midst of it.

UPDATE:  Leave it to Simcha Fisher to provide me just one more link I had to share.  Today, at the National Catholic Register Blog, she writes about the fact that while we cannot be passive and we MUST share our voice in this battle over religious freedom, we also cannot let it consume our minds and hearts and have us turn into fearfully obsessed people who neglect our daily responsibilities and fill our time with worry.  Go read Fight Globally, be at Peace Locally.  I just really enjoy reading Simcha!

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  1. Great list: will be checking out a few I missed during the week this weekend.

    #7: I'm now teaching for a Catholic university and it was made clear to all of us during orientation that our teaching needed to be consistent with the Church's teachings: obviously not problem for me and was not a surprise for the non-Catholic teachers.

  2. Thanks for the link love, and for the list of great resources!

  3. Thanks for sharing all of these links! Bookmarking it to come back and read all of them later.

  4. I just want to say hello and let you know how much I appreciate these links! I always know exactly where to go to get the good stuff... :-) have a great day!

  5. I 100% agree with #7. That's exactly what I've been thinking this whole time. I don't even understand why people would WANT to work for an institution which they think is outdated and ridiculous.


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