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February 4, 2012

The Saturday Evening Blog Post (4)

The first Saturday of every month, Elizabeth Esther hosts The Saturday Evening Blog Post.  Bloggers from all over post one of their posts from the previous month.  It's a great way to discover new blogs and read some good stuff in the process.

This month, I thought that I could go the Mommy Blogging route and post one of what I call my "Mom" posts.  I reflected on having "THE" Talk with my eldest daughter.  And then I wrote about what I love and will miss about getting up in the middle of the night with my babies.

But then, this month was filled with some political turmoil, some old and some new.  The old stuff is centered around the 39th anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision and I wrote about my feelings surrounding legalized abortion in this country as that anniversary passed.  The new centers around the decision by the Obama Administration and Kathleen Seblius to infringe on religious liberty, taking specific aim at Catholics.  Because it's so uncharacteristic for me, and I was still passionate about it when I re-read it trying to find a piece to post the link to EE's site, I decided to post an Uncharacteristic Rant by Me.  (Note:  I edited and cleaned it up a little bit for this link-up.)

Be sure to head over the Elizabeth's blog and check out some of the other great posts!

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