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March 16, 2012

7 Quick Takes (20)

--- 1 ---
I am happy to report that I completed the Couch 2 5K training plan for week 2 FOUR times this week.  Yay me!!!  What a difference a good pair of running shoes, some beautiful spring weather and a little commitment makes.  I'm mulling around a marathon later this year.  Craig wants to run one and there's one in October in Minneapolis that I am thinking about.  If I can get my mileage up to at least 25 miles per week by June, then I may consider committing to the training for it.  That would be fun...to run a marathon with the one whom I am sharing the marathon of life, right?  Even if I don't do the marathon (and he does) there is a half, 10-mile and 5K I could do if that's what I'm up for.  For now, I'm just going to bask in the glory of having gotten out there four times since last Saturday and sticking to the plan.  :)

--- 2 ---

I realized the last time I did 7QT, was the day before the most awesome basketball game in the history of basketball games (from my perspective anyway).  March Madness has begun and KU is playing in Omaha, NE tonight.  I'm gonna go ahead and say...I really hate it when KU plays the latest game.  Really hate it.  But, I am sure ol' Coach Self will be on his game and be sure the boys will be ready to play...even at 9:00 p.m. tonight.  Oy!

--- 3 ---

Sarah started spring volleyball practice on Monday.  I'm really excited for the girls to be coached by someone else.  Perhaps I will pick up some new drills and perhaps the girls will hone some skills.  I was already thinking we'd put in a system next year and the coach they have for this session is planning to teach them the same thing, so that should help us out!

--- 4 ---

Have you read this letter?  I signed it.  You might want to read through it and see if you want to sign it, too.  They have ELEVEN pages of names of women who have signed it.  I sent my "sign the letter" e-mail on February 24.  I got a return e-mail from the lady in charge on Wednesday of this week and she apologized for the delay in response and said that she's "happily drowning in signatures."  If you are like me, and you don't like the Obama administration or Kathleen Sebelius or Nancy Pelosi or any of them speaking as though they speak for all women or claiming they "stand with women everywhere" or whatever the latest thing is...then sign the letter!  But most importantly, be sure and send the real message in the voting booth come November.

--- 5 ---

Vincent is full-fledged, all out crawling.  He gets into everything and when he is determined to get somewhere, his crawl actually has the appearance of a very intentional march.  It's rather odd.  None of my other kids crawled at this point, so I am having a blast watching him move around and get after everyone and everything.

--- 6 ---

I'm going to get back on my running kick for a second here.  Whatever happened to people, in cars, looking both ways before they pull into a cross-section of streets?  One of my runs took place during rush hour this week and I was appalled at how many times a car pulled right in front of me (almost hit me twice) because they completely never looked my direction.  They were only looking the other way.  I'm sure glad *I* was paying attention, but it was very frustrating!  It's been awhile since I have done a lot of road-running...so I guess I had forgotten how it was.  But really, people!  Watch out for others!
--- 7 ---

Have I  mentioned the weather around here?  Here in Kansas City, we've had a few years with pretty harsh winters right through March.  Even if it wasn't really cold, it WAS really rainy.  Last year, it snowed far too much for far too long.  I am so happy with this year's weather.  We had a really mild December through February.  And March...well, you'd think we passed the first day of spring three weeks ago.  It's been wonderful.  How is your weather where you are?

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  1. I am glad that you are keeping it safe with your road running! I read one blogger who had a car hit her while she was crossing in the crosswalk with the signal! http://www.dailygarnish.com/2010/10/black-and-blue.html

    I've been trying to stick to trails for multiple reasons, but only dealing with bikes rather than cars is an added benefit.

    Are you and Craig able to actually run together? Josh and I have three races scheduled this year where we're running the same distance, but I can't keep up with him and I think he is physically incapable of jogging as slow as I have to! I think it would be awesome to actually run a marathon together if you can!

    And spring has been absolutely lovely here, even though we didn't really get winter at all.

  2. I abandoned C2K in week two because I needed new shoes. Still haven't found the cash for them though, there's always something more pressing.

    The weather here is really pleasant, not at all wintery. I'm sure we'll get one more snow before real spring though.

    This was my first week of participating in 7 Quick Takes, please stop and say hi! http://religish.blogspot.com/2012/03/7-quick-takes-vol-1.html

  3. Way to go on the running! It would be awesome to do the marathon if it works out for you. I don't think I've looked at that letter, but I definitely need to.

  4. Go you!! I've thought about running a few times this week and thought it was an accomplishment. ;)

    Yay for spring volleyball, Jayhawk basketball, and this beautiful KC weather! :)

  5. Congratulations on the running success!
    Will check out the letter link, thank you.

  6. Wow! Congrats on the running... It does seem like drivers are more and more distracted and in a hurry these days. Everyday when I commute, I can't help but notice what a hurry everyone is in and how there are so many near accidents. Please be careful out there!

    PS, I just signed "The Letter"... Thank you!!!

    PSS, Go Vincent Go!

  7. That's awesome on the running! I am training for a half at the end of April! I can't imagine running a full marathon, but that would be so fantastic if you decide to! Good luck to you!!


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