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March 26, 2012

Monday Mumbles - 23


HAPPY FINAL FOUR MONDAY!  Yes, my beloved Kansas Jayhawks are in the Final Four of the Men's NCAA tournament and so I guarantee you, there won't be any mumbling - per se - around here!  

But I will have some random (oh...10 or so) thoughts for you to peruse!  Be sure to visit TOOJE at Circling the Square Table and if you choose to use her button and mumble yourself, she'll link you up (if you tell her!)

1.  We had some lovely weekend weather here.  It was so lovely on Saturday that we didn't make it to the usual Vigil Mass and ended up going on Sunday.  But that was terrific!

2.  I had an opportunity to reinforce to Sarah this weekend that she should always be herself and she doesn't have to change who she is for anyone. 
3.  I find these moments to be almost as stressful for me watching my daughter go through them as they were for me when I went through them the first time.  I do know I am handling them differently than my mother did, which is not to say it's better, but it's different.  I just figure it's best to reinforce that Sarah's a great kid just the way she is and she doesn't have to pretend to be someone else. 
4.  Did I mention yet that my Jayhawks are in the Final Four?  Did I?  Oh...I did.  :)  I am SO STINKIN' EXCITED!

5.  I went to my first session of Boot Camp this morning.  OMGoodness.  It was a terrific workout.

6.  On Saturday, I went for a run where I ran more than I walked.  That was fun.  Afterwards, I took Helen on a .5-mile jog (for me) run (for her).  That was fun, too!

7.  I got some much-needed girl-time Saturday night with Maggie at From the Heart.  Sometimes you just need an hour or two to talk with someone who "gets" you. 

8.  I was so tempted to load the kids up in the van and head to Lawrence to welcome the KU boys home at Allen Fieldhouse.  But...I have to work tomorrow and they have school.  I think I'll just bank that temptation and if things go well next weekend, we might see about a day off work/school on Tuesday.  :)

9.  I'm just so freakin' excited KU is in the Final Four!  I know!  I can't stop writing it!  KU was NEVER supposed to be in this conversation this year.  It was a rebuilding year.  We had our top recruits out on academic ineligibility.  But every obstacle thrown at this team is like a huge chip on their shoulder and they work all the harder.  I love it.

10.  Ok.  One little mumble...I'm not liking Monday.  I would much rather we got some more weekend.

Have a great Monday and be sure to go visit TOOJE!


  1. If the make it to the championship I definitely recommend making the trip to Allen Fieldhouse to watch the game. We were there in 08 when they played the game on the jumbotron. It is one of my favorite memories!!

    Rock Chalk!!

  2. I had such a great time on Saturday! Thank you for inviting me! Let's do it again soon!


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