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March 21, 2012

Some Questions from the Technically Challenged

I have a few quick questions.  Okay, maybe the answers are not quick, but regardless, I need some help!

1.  Bloggers who Twitter - how do you get that gadget-thingy to track your tweets on your blog?  How do I add that to my blog?

2.  Bloggers who created a Facebook Page for your blog - how do you do that?  What category do you select after "Create a Page"?  And how do you get the gadget thingy on your blog where people can "like" your page from your blog?

3.  Bloggers who have that gadget-thingy that shows the location of visitors to your blog...is there a way to get that for free?  Or must I pay some subscription fee to get something like that?

Please don't laugh at me for these questions.  I really just do not have time to figure it out on my own.  Believe me...I've already spent considerable time trying to figure it out and I figured I would just put out my plea for help and get one of you people who know what you're doing to help me out!


  1. No laughter here, very interested in answers to question #2.

  2. OK... I'll try and help but am kind of bad at explaining things.

    The Twitter thing: I sign into blogger, and from my dashboard I hit "Design" and it goes to a page where I can edit the layout.

    Then on the side there is an option to click "Add a Gadget" and I click on that. Then a box pops up with different gagdets you can add. Underneath the "Featured" tab, down a little ways is the option to add your Twitter updates. Click on it and it gives you options of how many tweets to share and to enter your log in info.

    Don't know about #2.

    I use Site Meter, but I've also used Stat Counter. Most of these services are free, but you can always pay for more snazzy options. Just google one of these sites and register. Then it gives you a code to copy and paste. You go to your dashboard and hit Design and the Add a Gadget option like with the Twitter update, but under the Basics tab there is the option to add HTML/JavaScript and you just paste the code in there. At least that's how I remember doing it.

    Hopefully that makes sense. Maybe someone else can explain it better than I can!


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