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March 19, 2012

Monday Mumbles - 22


Yup, it's Monday!  Time to Mumble!  Please join in if you like, use the button and go visit TOOJE and let her know you Mumbled.  It's a great way to meet some other bloggers.  And TOOJE is one of my faves.  :)

1.  I am writing these...like, WAY late on Sunday night.  Oh wait, it's SO late, that it is technically, Monday morning.  Oy.

2.  KU got all the late start basketball games this weekend.  What happens with late KU games is...they wait until the final seconds of the game to win, and then I'm all wound up and can't go to sleep.  So, I'm up until the wee hours of Monday morning instead of sleeping.

3.  BUT!  I am NOT complaining!  My Jayhawks are in the Sweet 16!!!  YAYAYAYAYAY!!!!!

4.  Oh wait, I'm supposed to be mumbling, not cheering.  Ok, so sue me.  

5.  I finally buckled this weekend and got the spring/summer clothes out for the kiddos.  We have had two straight weeks of pretty warm weather (for March) and school even released their restriction on the shorts/skorts so the kids could wear them (usually they can't until April).  So, i decided to get them out.  The girls were thrilled.

6.  Be sure to stop by tomorrow.  I will have a post up about the song Craig and I danced to at our wedding in our first dance as husband and wife.  Katie at NFP and Me is hosting a link-up for these posts!  What a fun idea!

7.  I had the first two days of the NCAA tournament off work.  Guess what?  I didn't actually sit around and watch basketball all day like I thought I would.  I actually did things like meet a friend for lunch and then we spontaneously went and got pedicures!  fun!  And while I was getting my spontaneous pedicure, I got talked into a spontaneous eyebrow-threading.  I have never had my eyebrows threaded before.  Yes, it hurt.  But no more than a wax.  

8.  We took Vincent to his first St. Patrick's Day parade.  It was a lot crowded because it was a Saturday and all.  But I think the kids all had fun.

9.  Dominic is a very sweet little boy.  And I should emphasize the word BOY.  He cracked me up in the car yesterday.  We were driving along and he says, "Mommy, you need to drive faster like the REAL Lightening McQueen...he would never drive as slow as you."  Ha!  Take that Mr. Highway Patrolman!

10.  My girls have been asking to go to the pool.  It's been that warm.  Yay for mild winters and warm springs!

Have a great Monday everyone!


  1. Asking for the pool? Turner did yesterday too!! I thought he was crazy, but then I realized he was simply judging on weather conditions and not the fact that it's MARCH.

    I was pretty keyed up last night as well - hard to sleep. :)

    I really need to get my eyebrows waxed. Ugh.

  2. I've seen eyebrow threading at malls, but just the word threading scares me... Is it supposed to last longer than a wax? Speaking of wax... I really need one! Yikes!!!

    And Joe and Dominic will be great friends... Joe LOVES Cars! I practically have the movie memorized!


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