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April 13, 2012

7 Quick Takes (21) - OKAY an UPDATE to keep my sanity :)

I haven't done these for a few weeks!  My secret hope is that I end my string of comment-less days.  Ha!

--- 1 ---
I started participating in Boot Camp workouts three weeks ago.  Three weeks later, I do feel stronger and a little bit lighter.  That's a win! 
--- 2 ---

I have been going to Weight Watchers at work meetings since mid-February.  I just hit my 5% milestone yesterday!  I was excited.  I had kind of figured it wouldn't happen until next week because the week included Easter and a couple of poor eating days.  But I guess I didn't do as poorly as I thought and I'm sure the Boot Camp and extra run last week didn't hurt anything.  Included with that 5% milestone was my 10 pound milestone, too.  So I was a celebratin' fool at the meeting yesterday.

Okay, after a couple of comments, I will go ahead and divulge some info that I hadn't shared before.  the 5% milestone is hit once you have lost 5% of your body weight.  I just happened to hit my 5% the same day I also hit 10 pounds.  I started at 188, and I am now 177.8.  9 pounds was my 5%.  A week ago, I was just 0.8 away from meeting my 5% goal and was kind of annoyed, but figured I'd get there soon.  Then this week, I lost 2 pounds so I blew past that 5% milestone AND got my 10 pound milestone together.  That was fun.  Now the next goal is to have my total loss be 10% of my body weight which would put me at 170.  After that I will set an actual goal weight. 

I should probably do a post about how much I like Weight Watchers PointsPlus program.
--- 3 ---

I get to share a major announcement today with my team since my manager is out of the office.  Our meeting is in 30 minutes.  Yowsa!  It will be fun, though.  (Yes, it's the "good" kind of announcement) :)

Okay!  Yikes!!  Thank you Molly for showing me in your comment how an unclear QT of this kind could take on a life of its own!  Holy Moly!  while my husband and I remain open to life, at this time we are definitely in the TTA segment of using NFP with our youngest being only 9 months and the fact that we've not prayerfully discerned to do otherwise.  So, no, the announcement was not of the pregnancy sort!  :)

Actually, my work environment is moving to a Jeans-Every-Day dress code!  Yes...we are ALL very happy about it!
--- 4 ---

Have you read this letter?  I mentioned it here.  There are now 26,000 PLUS women who have signed it.  What's awesome is that you can see the credentials of all the women:  there are stay-at-home moms, there are work-outside-the-home moms, there are single women, there are professors and there are doctors and lawyers and teachers and just any kind of woman.  That just shows how much the women who hold policy-making positions in this country are out of touch with so many women in so many different walks of life.
--- 5 ---

Please help promote this letter, if you are so inclined.  I feel it goes farther than the HHS Mandate.  I have LONG held the position that I disliked how typical feminist and women's lobby groups tried to portray that they speak for ALL women.  I mean for YEARS I have disliked it and I have written my representatives, but I always wondered if I was the only woman offended.  Now I know there are others like me and we have to make sure we share our voice and make it heard and make a difference in the representation in policy-making positions.

--- 6 ---

Today is opening day for the Royals.  Lots of excitement here in KC around this team this year. They are so young, but so good.  I hope the season is successful.  Kansas City is hosting the all-star game this year, too, which is really cool.  I have to admit, I haven't gotten my family out to the K since they renovated and spruced it up.  I need to try and get us all out there this year.
--- 7 ---

Quick Take - Kid Update!

Sarah has a volleyball game tonight.  Last week she had two and I was able to watch the first one, but I took the other kids home because 4 hours is just too long for them to hang around a gym not really doing anything.  I found out in the second game she had two for-realz "Spikes" over the net for points!  I got texts from two of the moms and then I ran into another mom on Saturday who told me about it.  Ah...proud moment from this volleyball mama.  :) 

Dani was supposed to start soccer games this week, but last night was rained out.  So we wait for Tuesday! 

I had Helen's pictures taken by an individual photography studio.  Here are the "teaser photos".  I wish I knew what to expect as far as cost goes...I wanted to buy so many photos...but they are way more expensive (even with a discount!) than going to JC Penny or Portrait Innovations or something.  Oh well, they were pretty cute, though.

Dominic actually ate a cheeseburger this week.  And then he tried steak fingers last night.  I told him that he should try to be a "big preschool boy" and try new food.  And it worked (so far)!!!  I hope it continues.

Vincent is way too cute.  Really.  I know every mom thinks her baby is way cute...but seriously.  I am so completely head-over-heels in love with that boy.  *sigh*

I hope you have a fabulous weekend!

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  1. Very cute pictures! Congrats to Sarah!!

    Please tell me I'm missing something ~ 5%=10lbs. I've only seen pictures of you but I find it hard to believe your goal is 200 lbs!! Wow!!

  2. No better way to spur comments than to ask for them. ;)

    I was a little confused by the #s too. And intrigued by the announcement!!

    Just went over to the letter and signed. Sending to my mother.

  3. Way to go on 10# and on the boot camp!

  4. the 5% goal and the 10 lb goal are different items - she's reached her "loose 5% of her body weight" goal and a "loose 10 lb goal" at least I think I got this right...

    And a "good kind of announcement" little piterpattering feet kind of announcement?

  5. Oh my gosh, Helen is so cute I want to take up a collection so that you can have every blessed photo. A.DOR.ABLE!!!!

  6. Vincent is too cute!
    Thanks for sharing.
    Bridget in Bellingham

  7. FINALLY CATCHING UP ON BLOGS! I can't believe we speculated that announcement right! How funny, and nice work. I'll never see that announcement in my lifetime, but eh...I'm okay.

    Congrats (again) on the WW goal and 5%! You will do GREAT in that program. Stacy has been so successful, for YEARS. It's a healthy life style, and I'm excited for you both.

    Bad home opener game, but I'm still excited to watch the Royals, now that I'm a baseball junkie. Heck, I watched them last year when we weren't so hot, but it was still fun. Happy weekend to you!


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