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May 11, 2012

7 Quick Takes (23)

--- 1 ---

Wow, it's been sparse around the ol' blog here. I really don't have much of an excuse, not that anyone requires one.  End of school year and all the activities it brings, along with warmer weather and busy evenings playing outside or going for walks leaves less time to write anything.  I've been reading blogs when I can.

--- 2 ---

Speaking of blogs, Leila introduced a new Catholic blog this week.  So far, I really enjoy her!  And, her title cracks me up because I can totally see and respect where she is coming from.  I think I'll enjoy reading her ponderings in the future...perhaps you will, too.  Go visit her:  Look! A Black Catholic!

--- 3 ---

About those activities that the end of the school year brings...the kids had their Spring Musical Wednesday night.  It was titled, Rock and Roll Forever! and featured appearances by Lil' Richard, Elvis Presley and Ed Sullivan!  The kids dressed in various 50's/60's get-up.  I borrowed a poodle skirt for Sarah (Thanks, Maggie!!) and Dani and Helen just put together their outfits from clothes in their closet (jeans, jean skirts, leggings, t-shirts, scarves...)  Here are a few pics:

So, Sarah's going to be in Middle School next year...wow.

Dani with a couple of friends

Helen with some friends

Sarah with some friends

Helen in action!

--- 4 ---

Danielle received First Holy Communion last Sunday.  There's just something about seeing your children receive Sacraments.  I am so proud of her...she is such a sweet girl.  And I was proud of her for asking to go to Confession on Saturday so she could be ready to receive our Lord.  And she was simply beautiful.  Here are a few pics:

 Dani is very excited!

 Dani with our pastor

Dani and me after Mass

--- 5 ---
With all of the excitement around here, Vincent just keeps growing and growing and becoming the cutest 1-year-old on the block.  He is a complete Mama's boy and I love it.  He is over-the-top excited to see me when I get home from work each night and he still occasionally wakes me in the middle of the night for a bottle and some cuddles...We are only 6 weeks away from his first birthday.  Incredible.


--- 6 ---
Well, I've been back at Boot Camp the last couple of weeks.  It's been good.  I'm excited that I can whip out 10-15 "man-style" push-ups.  And this week, I even cranked out 15 decline push-ups.  That was cool.  I'm running a Mother's Day 5K on Sunday.  I'm not trying to break any records or anything.  Really just want to go out and get a run in and have fun.

--- 7 ---
Here's real "take" if you will.  I'm the kind of person who doesn't shy away from reading books when people say if you read that book, you are giving a window to your soul for Satan and endanger your soul by reading a book.  I have heard people say that reading Harry Potter will let the occult enter your life and stuff like that.  I will say that I found a Christ-like hero and story in the Harry Potter books that made it well worth my while to read them.  I'm not saying everyone would find the same thing in the books and I'm not saying everyone should read them, necessarily.  What I am getting at is that I am one of those who tends to dabble a bit here and there in the culture...especially as it pertains to the current books people are talking about since I'm a reader.  I've never stayed away from a book simply because people say it's an evil book (and most likely the largest detractors never read it).  Thoughts?


  1. i completely concur with #7.

  2. I love to read and I agree with #7. Also, thanks for the link in #2, looks interesting.

  3. I also agree with #7 but would also say that I don't feel like I have to read a book because 'everybody' is ~ I haven't read the Hunger Games despite quite a bit of pressure.

    I can't believe he is almost a year ~ great picture!

  4. Joy - I agree! I also have not read the Hunger Games. But I did read the Twilight Saga. Just a couple of recent/relevant examples. :)

  5. LOL I read the first one because my 'llittle sister' (through big brothers/big sisters) wanted me too ~ she then kept forgetting to lend me the rest of the series, and I was not interested enough to nudge.


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