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May 18, 2012

7 Quick Takes (24)

--- 1 ---

I have successfully parented three children through Kindergarten.  Before I had children, I never thought that much of a feat.  To be honest, I still don't, but it sure is fun!  :)  Helen and her classmates were so cute.  They read the readings and petitions at Mass for the all-school Mass yesterday morning (Helen had a petition -- she did great!) then had a fun little program where they sang some songs for us parents, received a certificate of completion from the Principal and we all watched a slideshow.  After that, the kids got a balloon they were allowed to go outside and release which they all loved.  I thought I was going to cry...and I somewhat teared up, but nothing like I expected.  I shed more tears on the first day of school.  It's fun to watch my kids grow up.

--- 2 ---

Here are a few pictures:
The cake!  She got every name on it!

The St. Andrew the Apostle Parish School Class of 2020 :)

There's my baby girl

Father trying to get everyone set to have a prayer

Helen receiving her certificate

She's got her balloon ready

They got ready to release the balloons

Helen and me

Craig and me with our three youngest

Helen with her teachers

--- 3 ---

The summer is quickly approaching.  Ack!  Sarah has a week-long camp early in June, put on by Challenge (a Catholic club for girls).  She's also registered to play summer volleyball and keep her skills moving along and be prepared for the fall.  We have season passes to the local amusement park and we bought a family pass to the Municipal Pool, adjacent to our community center.  We have plenty of stuff to do this summer and I'm betting with the ages of our children, we are going to be hopping all summer long!

--- 4 ---

Had an interesting e-mail exchange with my husband after I wrote this post.
Husband e-mail subject line:  I just read your blog...
Husband e-mail body:  something you want to tell me?
My reply:  No.  Why?
This led to a phone call in which I found out that it seems he was "reading between the lines" and wondering if I was preggers.
I was a little miffed and thought and then said, "Do I have to put a disclaimer on every post where I ponder whether we're going to have another baby or not?"
Because...you know...remember this post a few weeks ago?  See what I mean?

--- 5 ---

But, you know...perhaps I should put a disclaimer on every post where I wonder if I'm done having children.  I mean, it's not like I'm going to know for SURE for another decade or so.  <roll eyes>  (sorry...that's not nice)

--- 6 ---

Do you want to see a very busy 11-month-old?

--- 7 ---
Holy cow, guys!  I am less than 50 page-views away from 20,000.  That is crazy.  Stat counters give some interesting information.  Here are my top three posts...ever!  :)


Please have a great weekend and visit Conversion Diary for more 7 Quick Takes!


  1. Love seeing so many very Catholic names on the cake!

  2. Parenting through kindergarten is a feat!

  3. Congrats to little Helen!!! She's looking so big. Strange to think she wasn't but...what...two, when we started working together?? Yeesh. Time does fly.


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