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May 25, 2012

7 Quick Takes (25)

--- 1 ---

I heard of a dissident group called C.atholics f.or C.hoice.  And I decided to visit their page to see what they are all about.  How sad it made me!  Unfortunately, there are millions of people out there who think it is okay to claim the Catholic without accepting the doctrines and dogmas.  I'm confused as to why they want to claim the faith that denounces all the things they think are good.  My first thought is..."Why don't you just go down to your Uni.tarian church?  Sounds like you'll fit in just swell there.

--- 2 ---

There is an ad on their home page that says "Good C.atholics Use C.ondoms."  And they claim that the U.S. Bishops are trying to redefine religious freedom.  I hate to break it to them, but the Constitution is pretty clear on the whole religious freedom thing...the bishops are speaking out against this administration's overreach.

--- 3 ---

I had kind of assumed this group might be one of those that is full of squishy "I'm personally opposed to abortion, but think it should be legal anyway" Catholics.  But no...this group is blatantly pro-abortion!  It seems to be just another arm of Planned Parenthood...or maybe just an extension of the Progressive Party...only they try to disguise what they are promoting as good because they call themselves Catholic! 

--- 4 ---

While it's difficult for me to understand why allowing entire generations to be wiped out through the scourge of abortion could be a good thing, they most likely believe that there is some end that justifies the holocaust.  I imagine there is a good number of them that promote "mercy killing" babies in the womb who might, should they be born, have to suffer with Down's Syndrome or Trisomy 28 or something like that. 

--- 5 ---

As I just thought of that, I realize that there's not many more ways to plunge to the depths of sadness and darkness than to contemplate why people consider themselves knowledgeable and powerful enough to determine that it's better for some to have their lives abruptly and painfully ended in their own mother's womb than to live with a genetic or mental disorder.  As I contemplated that, I kind of imagined what it might feel to have a Dementor administer "the kiss" and maybe that cold, empty feeling is what prompts someone at some point to decide that death for another is better than allowing that person to live.  (And if you haven't read Harry Potter, you most likely have no idea what I'm talking about.  My apologies.)

Okay...I think that's all I'm going to say about that.  It was one dark hour I spent visiting said homepage, reflecting and imagining and trying to walk in the shoes of a person who claims the Catholic faith and also supports human destruction.  <<<shudder>>>

--- 6 ---

I am traveling this weekend with the kids to a family wedding!  You know, I never think much of loading up the kids and heading somewhere.  Every now and then I am reminded that perhaps this is unusual, that I am willing to take all five kids somewhere all by myself.  I realize that my upbringing most likely prepared me to feel comfortable doing this.  My mom was a single mother who raised five kids on her own.  And when we went on a trip to see grandparents or even went to swim meets on occasion, we all five loaded up in the car and mom took us all by herself. 

--- 7 ---

Do you have special plans for Memorial Day weekend?  After we get back in town, I hope that Craig and I will take all the kids to our amusement park on Monday.  It should be fun!

Have a fabulous weekend.  Please visit Conversion Diary for more 7 Quick Takes!


  1. Any group that claims to be Catholic, and then platforms evil, is surely misguided. Blech. Honestly? Sin is sin. It's not man made; we can't redefine it. I just visited this "Catholic" site. "Catholic and Pro-Choice? You're not alone." Huh. Feeling LONELY over parting from the Church's moral teachings? Good.

    The CEO/Founder of C.FC is a former Plan.ned Par.enthood Spokesperson. Stunning.

    You know, I work in a Title 1 school in South Phoenix. 90% of my students live below the poverty line. Their parents have had constant access to all means of contraception, provided by Protestant church organizations, Planned Parenthood, high school awareness programs, etc. And yet? They still become teenage parents. Then, thy continue to have babies with another baby-daddy while their other children don't even have shoes.

    From my perspective, working in this type of community, the teachings of the Catholic Church are not the blame for the highly impoverished families in America. Lack of contraception isn't to blame, either. They have access.

    Essentially? It all boils down to a lack of love. People in poverty have babies as a way to give meaning to life. It doesn't matter what mandate Obama passes, it will NEVER change the demographic I serve. These deep seated social issues will NEVER be resolved through a condom, pill, HHS mandate, or blasphemous organization. Never.

    Btw, sounds like a fun weekend up ahead! Have a fun time at the wedding! :)

  2. Real Catholics Use Condoms? o.O

    Right... because just ignoring the teachings of the Church to whom you claim to belong makes you a "real Catholic", right?

    I'll take hypocrisy for $1000, Alex!

  3. I don't agree with the platform of CFC either, but I think your #4 is taking it a bit far.

  4. To steal a phrase from my 80's childhood...gag me with a spoon.

    "Good Catholics Use Condoms"???

    Ew. Condoms are disgusting and degrading to men. "Here honey, I love you, now go put that plastic on your penis before you touch me" Yeah, right...that's real love.

    Dissent is so 20th century.

  5. It's so sad that people are so determined to claim to be Catholic, but want to do anything BUT be Catholic.


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