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May 14, 2012

Monday Mumbles - 27


Good Monday Morning!  Oh wait...that's not very mumble-y of me, is it?  Oh well...I had a great weekend, so I guess I'm not in the mood to be grumble-y-mumble-y.  But I'm going to Mumble today. 

1.  I got tagged on Twitter Saturday morning to this beautiful post by Molly at Molly Makes Do.  It's sweet and I think it has just about everyone covered.  :)

2.  I walked the Mother's Day 5K yesterday.  I was going to run it...that was my plan up until I got up yesterday morning and felt kind of ... blah ... for lack of a better term, and my back hurt a bit.  So, I walked it.  My MapMyWalk app showed 3.20 miles in 41:29.  Not too shabby for walking, I'd say.  

3.  What I got MOST out of the experience was that I need to take my girls next year.  We'll probably have to walk, because I can't convince Sarah to run unless she's being chased.  But it would be a fun way to spend MOther's Day morning with my family.  Besides, girls 12 and Under get a tiara at the finish.  If there's one thing my girls love (especially my little Helen!) it's a tiara.  :)

4.  I took the kids to our local Amusement Park in the afternoon.  I was a bit nervous since I hadn't done this before, but it worked out beautifully!  

Here are the girls waiting to ride Spinning Dragons, which is a roller coaster that spins around while you go.  It was Helen's first "big-kid" coaster.  I was able to ride with them because we ran into a family from church/school who offered to sit with the boys, so I could.  It was so sweet of them!

5.  Then we hit Planet Snoopy, which is the little kid portion of the park.

We did the kiddie-coaster...

Another family met up with us and the mom sat with Vincent so I could ride with Dominic:

Then Dominic and the other kids rode the swings...

We found the cars next and Dominic was very serious about his race...(he cracks me up!)

There's my blondie...in her yellow convertible.  Heaven help me when this girl gets older...

The kite-eating tree was next.  As it lifted up...Dominic started wondering if he was really up for this...he is so funny (and incidentally looks JUST like his daddy, so I got double-glee out of this ride)

As it dropped, Dominic was no longer impressed.  At. All.  Such a funny boy!

6.  Vincent was about the most awesome-est baby there!  Well, okay, actually if he saw that I was going on something with the girls or Dominic...he did kind of pitch a fit.  Eventually he fell asleep in his stroller though, so that was good.  And as long as Momma was close by...he was a real doll.  :)

7.  Sarah rode this ride called the Thunderhawk.  She was tall enough and also met the minimum age restriction of 10 years old.  Dani was tall enough, but is not 10.  Dani was really mad that she couldn't go on it.  I figure if they set a minimum age for a ride, there must be a reason...so I didn't let her go with Sarah.

8.  Here is a picture of Sarah just before the ride got started:

She is second from the left and she is kind of looking like she's not sure she really wanted to be there anymore.  LOL!  This ride lifts the carriage high up and flips it around while it's circling around.  At one point they stop the carriage from flipping and you are basically staring straight at the ground as it lowers and then it starts flipping again.

9.  Here is Sarah AFTER Thunderhawk:
Needless to say, she survived (and so did Mama).  I must say it is a very strange feeling watching your child go on something like that.  I know I will have lots of moments like this (letting go a bit) throughout life...and I'm happy I didn't succomb to my mother's instinct to say, "No! you can't go on THAT!!!"  LOL

10.  Hope you all have a great Monday!


  1. Aww thanks! I'm glad you like the m-day post!

  2. How fun! I like seeing a WOF mumbling day! I would definitely be leaving some of mine behind if I went. :) Turner went with my little brother last year, and had a blast. I remember loving that place. Oh, to be young....


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