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May 21, 2012

Monday Mumbles - 28


It is Monday again.  Holy cow, Memorial Day is coming up, my kids are out of school starting Thursday at noon.  It's Summer!

1.  I finished Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban last night with Sarah.  We're going to dive into Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire next.  It took us a little too long to get that third one, so I want to keep going...the story really picks up in #4 if I remember correctly.

2.  We had a blast at field day Friday at the girls' school.  They had all kinds of fun games and activities.  

3.  Helen got a second place in what they called Golf which was a croquet type of game.

4.  Dani got a first place in an egg-relay race.

5.  All the girls got various group awards with their class.  I thought it was cute that Dani's class got the award for looking like they were having the most fun.  It completely does NOT surprise me because her class is really good at that.  They are all just happy kids, happy to be whatever age they are and very much live in the present.  I love that about Dani and her friends.

6.  Our Diocese ordained 6 men to the priesthood Saturday.  God is so good!

7.  We went to the Mass of Thanksgiving for the newly ordained priest who was assigned to our parish last summer as a deacon yesterday.  His comments to his mother at the end made me cry.  What a huge blessing for him and his family and for all of us that he heard God's call to serve and answered!

8.  We are getting a second priest (also just ordained Saturday) at our parish.  This is huge.  Our parish has just about doubled in membership in the last two years.  I'm so glad our pastor will get some help.  I am very much looking forward to an even stronger religious presence in our school.  We have a nun who teaches 8th grade/middle school and I think it would be fantastic to have our new associate working regularly in our classrooms.  How cool is that!?!?

9.  With summer approaching, I was considering just how I was going to divide my time this summer getting reading in with all the kiddos.  Sarah doesn't necessarily need me to read with her anymore, but she enjoys reading with me, so I don't want to take that away.  Dani has never really liked reading with me before, but last night asked if we could read a book together, so I will need to start reading more with her.  And Helen and I just got through her first chapter book and she is ready for a new one.  Factor in the fact that I need to continue to read to Dominic and Vincent regularly and my evenings are going to be busy with books!  Maybe I should make up a schedule.  The kids really like stuff like that.  I could assign one night of the week exclusively to each girl and Dominic and then Vincent can sit in any ol' time.  :)

10.  Mondays are hard sometimes.  Helen threw me down guilt trip lane this morning after I told her what days I have off work over the summer.  Sigh.

Have a great Monday!


  1. #6&#7- Us too, one of the six ordained was a student I've known for years from our university Newman Center, it was so amazing to be at his Mass of Thanksgiving.

    #10- Hugs and support. Hope the day/week improves!

  2. I am still an avid reader because my mom read to me every single day until I could read on my own, and then encouraged me every single day to keep reading! :)

    When your children get a little older, maybe they can sometimes buddy with a younger sibling to read to them or help the younger sibling read, but each have one night a week with you to read.

  3. I am listening to the whole HP series again...on Goblet of Fire right now. I don't think I'll ever tire of this story!

    How awesome - 6 new priests in your diocese :). We have 1 being ordained in June...

  4. That is amazing that you read to/with your children like that! My oldest is 3 and we read together all of the time. I look forward to reading with him as he grows older, too! My 1 YO is still in the process of discovering books (and the art of sitting still, but I can't wait to read with her, too! You have inspired me!!

    You are doing the absolute best for your children! Those twinges of guilt or normal, but you can't forget you are doing what needs to be done! Hang in there!


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