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June 30, 2012

Happy Birthday Vincent!

Today is the first birthday of my sweet baby boy, Vincent. I just went for a run and through the sweating and hills I was thinking about how quickly a year flies by and how much changes. I feel like the first year of a baby's life gives a perspective to moms on life, living, time, growth and family. 

The birth experience itself can be a place where life and death take on brand new meaning for a mom.  And each time (for a mom who has more than one child) can shape that meaning into different things.  Labor with Vincent was so clearly different from each of his older siblings -- the time (27 hours!), the nature (26.5 hours of...."well, is this baby going to decide to be born today?"), the sweet way he was so quiet as long as he was in my arms and would start screaming when they took him away from me (and he still does that today!)

Throughout Vincent's first year, I have tried to cherish what it means to have him in our family.  

Dominic has a little brother and Vincent has a best-est buddy.  

The girls have gotten a chance to help in ways they never could before due to the fact they are at ages where they can.  

Craig and I have learned a whole new way of balancing what needs to be done in our family with regards to our jobs, their school schedules, extra-curricular activities and just the whole loving-on-everyone thing.  

Many times it is not readily clear just what God's plan for you is while you're in the middle of it. Even though I have struggled to understand and Craig and I have continued to discern whether Vincent is the last little one, or just the beginning of the next string of little ones, I do know that God intended Vincent for this world at just this time and just this place and just this place in our family.  My ponderings often turn to the fact that Vincent is a #5, his dad was a #5 and his paternal Grandpa was a #5.  There has to be something about that.  Because his paternal Grandpa was a loving and generous man by all accounts and his dad is the most gentle, loving soul I know.  So, while Vincent will make his own way in the world, I have no doubt  the potential is there for something great with this one.

My mama's boy...  

My fireball... 

I love you...  

Happy Birthday!


  1. Happy Birthday to him! Happy Anniversary to the whole family!

  2. What a content and beautiful spirit you have, Michelle, and a great mother you must be. Happy birthday, Vincent!

  3. Such a sweet post! Happy birthday, Vincent! :-)

  4. What a sweet post and a sweet boy! Happy birthday to Vincent!

  5. A year already?! It goes so fast! Hope your birthday celebration for him was great. :)


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