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June 11, 2012

Monday Mumbles - 31


It never fails...Monday comes around and inspires me to at least Mumble. :)

1.  I attended the Brothers of the Sun Concert Tour 2012 last night.  I had not been to a country concert in over a decade, but it was lots of fun.  Nothing better than Tim McGraw followed by Kenny Chesney.  Fun!

2.  Not so much fun watching twenty-somethings act like 10-year-olds.

3.  I am contemplating and preparing to publish thoughts on this gem of a song...

4.  So here's a quote for your Monday morning...something to contemplate:
"It's amazing to me how many people think that voting to have the government give poor people money is compassion.  Helping poor and suffering people yourself is compassion.  Voting for our government to use guns to give money to help poor and suffering people is immoral self-righteous bullying laziness.  People need to be fed, medicated, educated, clothed and sheltered.  If we're compassionate, we'll help them, but you get no moral credit for forcing other people to do what you think is right.  there is great joy in helping people, but no joy in doing it at gunpoint." -- Penn Jillette
I saw that on my friend Rebecca's FB page.  I had to ask her who the guy was because I didn't recognize his picture...you know, my life under a rock and all.  LOL

5.  According to google (I admit, I don't know much about Penn and Teller, or keep up with a lot of that stuff), Mr. Jillette is an atheist.  He and I may not be in the same spot on the religious spectrum (I don't agree with this bit here.  Maybe it's because I was born and raised as a Catholic, but I have never felt like I only do good because I fear God.  I think that's part of it, but I also do good because I love God, and love my neighbor).  Anyway, we might also not be in the same spot on the political spectrum.  Regardless, I like what he said there.  

6.  I bought the Weight Watchers pedometer at my meeting last week.  I used to kind of "poo-poo" the idea that it would do anything for me motivation-wise.  But I wore it on Friday and with all the steps I took, (just under 10,000) I added 4-plus miles to my activity for the day which meant I got 3 extra Activity points.  Added those to my boot camp (which was especially hard on Friday evening) and I got 10 activity points for the day!  That felt pretty cool.

7.  Boot camp.  Oh.  Boot camp.  I started going to the evening sessions last week.  The morning sessions were just too late for me to get cleaned up and to work on time, but they have sessions at 5:15, 6:15 and 7:15 each evening, so I made it three times after work last week.  yay me!

8.  Friday's boot camp was especially painful...in a good way.  It was quite possibly the most difficult, most exhausting workout I have ever had in my life.  Not going to lie...I loved it.

9.  The principal of the school called me last week.  He asked me to be on the school board for the upcoming school year.  I said yes.  I am kind of excited to be a part of it.

10.  5 quick sentences on each of my kids:

  • Sarah has volleyball practice today! 
  • Danielle tells me she will pass her swimming level on the test this week.  I hope so!
  • Helen  is reading the Magic Treehouse books.  So cute.
  • Okay, this will be more than one sentence, but I have to share this Dominic story:  He loves to watch the PowerPuff girls.  He came up to me the other night and says, "Mommy, Chemical X will give you the perfect little girl."  And I said, "is that right?  Interesting."  And then he says to me, "Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup are the perfect little girls."  And I said, "I know you like the PowerPuff Girls."  So, then he says, "You should have used Chemical X on my sisters."  (he was totally serious, too)
  • Vincent is soooooooo close to walking - but crawling is just more efficient.  I have a feeling he's an efficiency guy.

Have a great Monday!


  1. Love Dominic's statement, satire in it's innocence. Out of the mouths of babes.

  2. #1 - so. jealous.

    #4 - love that quote

    #6 & #7 & #8 - awesome!

    #9 - Congratulations!

    #10 - my little brother used to call himself "Bubbles" and would only respond to that name for a while - it was hilarious!

  3. Love that it's almost Friday as I comment on Monday mumbles, but I'm a little behind this week! I love Penn's quote, thanks for sharing that. Definitely something to think about. I also love Dominic's story, so funny!


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