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July 20, 2012

7 Quick Takes - 28

--- 1 ---
Friday!  For some reason this has felt like a long week, even though it has flown by.  They all fly by anymore.  It was wonderful to see my sister and her family from SC and then last night my sister and her husband (they are newlyweds!) stayed the night on their way to move to Dallas, TX.  It was so great to hang with them and visit.  I really hope someday they will live closer to us, but off to Dallas for their new life together they go!

--- 2 ---
I took this week off Boot Camp.  It's been a good break, especially with the heat.  But I'll be back at it starting Sunday.  I had been going at a pretty good clip for 7 weeks straight, so I hope the break is good for my muscles, but I know it was good for my frame of mind and motivation when I do go to Boot Camp.

--- 3 ---

Next week is Totus Tuus at our parish.  My kids are very excited to go.  This program is incredibly steeped in Catholicism, I don't think I could spend my money any more wisely for a summer religion program.  Daily Mass, Adoration, studying deeper into the mysteries of the Rosary, fun with friends, and exposure to solid young adults who are the leaders for a whole week is something my kids look forward to every summer.  I pray they have a fantastic time and come closer to Jesus (again, some more!)

--- 4 ---

Next week is dedicated to Natural Family Planning (NFP) awareness.  Our parish is having a special Mass said on the anniversary of the release of the encyclical, Humanae Vitae.  We'll have a little reception afterward.  It's nice because people from all over the area come to attend the Mass.  Last year, a family we last saw when they had 2 (or was it 3?) children came and they had just had their #6 who seemed about the same age as Vincent (maybe a few weeks older).  It was nice to see people I hadn't seen in awhile.  This year, I am trying to have the Mass intention be for NFP only physicians and medical staff.  I also got the USCCB posters to put up around the parish for the masses this week and next.

--- 5 ---

Speaking of NFP...

iusenfp.com is up and running!!!

So excited!  And yours truly is a contributor to some of the information on site!  I hope to add some more tips and things on Marquette as time goes on.

Anyway, it's a comprehensive website that looks like it will be chock-full of excellent information!!!  Go check it out!

--- 6 ---

School supplies.  Ugh, right?  Check out this list.  This is a compiled list of all common items from four children's school supply lists (grades Preschool, 1st grade, 3rd grade and 6th grade). I hit a sale at Toys R Us last weekend to get the construction paper, markers, crayons and anything else they were having a kick-ass sale on.  But I'm not even a third of the way complete getting everything.  Something I am learning with all these kids in school is to start early!!

--- 7 ---
And we are barreling downhill to the end of July.  I swear I blink and another month has passed. I need to get Vincent's 1-year pictures done and I need to get Sarah's annual pictures done (I'm skipping the school pics this year in favor of the others).  Then there are shoes to buy, uniforms to sort and fill-in where needed.  Not to mention we start volleyball practice 2 weeks from Wednesday!!!  Yikes!

For more Quick Takes, be sure to head over to Conversion Diary.  Thank you, Jen, for hosting!


  1. 4- I defy you not to sing some Journey next week for inspiration.
    5- Thank you for the link love, contributing, and just being awesome! :)

  2. That's a VERY long supply list! Maybe this is me being old - but didn't schools used to supply half of those things themselves?

    Thanks so much for linking to us and for contributing!

  3. Those are some serious school supply list!!
    Glad the family visits went well.

  4. This week has flown, too, although I feel completely exhausted at the endof it--not the end, actually; we're throwing a baby shower for my little sister tomorrow!

    That school supply list makes me want to hyperventilate. LOL We have three this year.

  5. I'm excited for Friday, too! That is a heck of a school list. I love that your parish does an NFP Mass.


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