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July 27, 2012

7 Quick Takes (29)

--- 1 ---

My children attended Totus Tuus this week at our parish.  What a wonderful week for them! Dominic even went in the mornings where they had Catechesis of the Good Shepherd for preschool age children. My children have never attended a "Vacation Bible School" or anything.  So I really can't speak to what goes on with those by any personal experience.  And I often say that Totus Tuus is "Catholic Vacation Bible School" for ease of reference for people.  But it seems so different from what I read about VBS at other churches.  Totus Tuus incorporates daily Mass, increased study and reflection on the mysteries of the Rosary, Adoration, plus lots of fun games that keep the children entertained and focused.  When I asked Dominic what he did at Totus Tuus this week he said, "I learned about Jesus and that He LOVES me!!!"  It was probably one of the most precious things I have ever heard.

--- 2 ---

As you know if you've been hanging around here this week, it has been NFP Awareness week! I was on the ball this go-round and had an idea for posts all week.  There were some other interesting posts around the blogosphere, too.

--- 3 ---

I have decided the time has come to put shoes on the baby boy. Probably tonight, I'll cart the crew out to a local Stride Rite to get him fitted. I think it is probably time for new shoes for Dominic as well. Stride Rite loves me. Or at least they should.

Speaking of that...why do people try to make me feel bad for not shelling out a gajillion dollars to put shoes on a baby that doesn't walk? My mother-in-law is very disapproving of a baby with no shoes. And several women at work make comments like, "I always put my babies in shoes, their feet get cold!" And it's not like I didn't have SOMETHING on baby's feet. Socks keep their feet from getting cold! I just don't see the point in spending 40 bucks on a pair of shoes the kid is only going to fit into for a month and on which he doesn't walk! Am I out in left field on this?

--- 4 ---

As I perused the school handbook/policy manual, I was excited to see that in middle school all children are required to wear tennis shoes. Every day. But then I was wondering why it is a requirement for middle school and not all grades. I mean, how can you run around and get exercise in non-tennis shoes? I find this requirement being imposed in 6th grade to be odd because in 6th grade is when recess is removed from the daily schedule.

So, unfortunately, while I think of the requirement that all children wear tennis shoes to be a practical, common sense type of thing...I get the feeling it is a requirement borne out of fears of household income differentials. Am I alone in that thought?

--- 5 ---
Vincent has reached the point where walking is the way he attempts to go almost all of the time. Even when he loses his balance and falls to his bum, he simply gets himself back up again to walk instead of continuing on his quest in crawling position. This is great! Oh, and hence, the reason it's time for shoes.
--- 6 ---

I have a question about my readers' opinions on rewarding children for grades. I want to dangle a carrot for Sarah to have a goal that incorporates getting nothing less than a B+ all year long. For frame of reference, at our school a B+ is a 92% or better.

I guess as I think about it, I really expect a B+ or better out of her regardless of what is on the line and I don't think I should have to offer up some sort of reward.  But then, I think...well, I really want her to work hard and attain the goals academically, and it seems sometimes the best way to do that is to provide something to work for.  So, what are your thoughts?

--- 7 ---

I have been marveling recently at the differences in my children's temperaments.  It really is amazing how two parents, doing things basically the same way, end up with 5 completely different kids.

Specifically, lately, my marvels have been about the fact that Vincent (#5) is the first child of mine to enjoy screaming at the top of his lungs and laughing at the reaction (or lack thereof) he receives.  Last night, he made Dominic cry in the van because he would. not. stop. screaming!  And if you tell him to stop it, he just laughs and does it again.  Seriously...NONE of my other children have done this sort of thing.  And Dominic has a playful and quiet disposition and doesn't like that sort of thing.  But he has taken to using some sarcasm in his tone lately.  And because he is 3...it is cute.  Or take Dani, for instance.  Dani enjoys a quiet existence. She doesn't particularly care much for the chaos of a house full of people.  Sometimes, she retreats to her room and shuts the door and I promise to keep Helen out so she can have some peace and quiet.  Then Sarah, my oldest, likes being in charge and has shown recently that she can handle more than I gave her credit for.  She was in charge of the kids for about an hour Wednesday until I got home from work since her dad had a meeting at work and I got home to all five kids fed and ready to go to our Humanae Vitae Mass at Church.  She had made macaroni and cheese and peanut butter sandwiches.  Then there's my sweet Helen.  Helen is loud and insistent and tenacious for what she wants.  She can be mean and she can turn right around and be a sweetheart.


Check out this clip from one of my favorite movies.  The kids borrowed Yours, Mine and Ours, circa 1968 (starring Henry Fonda and Lucille Ball) from the library.  I love this movie.  My kids love this movie.  And this right here is one of my favorite scenes ("What Love Is"):

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  1. About the shoes thing- I am totally with you on the whole not spending money on shoes for babies who don't walk. Unless it's a special occasion like a wedding or pictures, Joe never wore shoes. And I actually read where it's better for babies, even when they are starting to walk to NOT wear shoes when they are inside because they need that feeling of their bare feet against the floor. It helps them with balance and all that jazz. I'm really bad about Joe and his shoes, though. I let him run outside barefoot in the grass which I know can be dangerous.

  2. Same here regarding shoes: mine wore socks or robeez like moccasins till they were walking.

    Love that movie!!

  3. I'm with you on the shoes... my poor babes are usually barefoot :-) They don't need shoes until they can walk!


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