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July 9, 2012

Monday Mumbles - 33


I haven't done the Mumbles for awhile. Truth be told, it's been a little busy around here! But here we are on another Monday.

1.  The heat broke yesterday and I think it was a welcome break.  I've been handling the heat pretty well this year, but then...I'm not pregnant!

2.  I have been doing my Boot Camps in 100 degree weather the past couple weeks, I think I count as being acclimated to the heat.  I went last night and it was nice for it to only be 89-90 instead of 103 or so.

3.  But I still sweated...a lot.

4.  I put my foot down the past couple of nights and told Dominic that if he wants to go to preschool in the fall, he HAS to sleep in his own bed like a big boy.  It was just getting way tiresome for him to be in our room all the time.  He stayed in there Saturday and Sunday night...I hope we can get through the next two or three weeks so this becomes permanent.

5.  My sister and her family from SC are coming to visit this week!  My kids are beyond excited to see their cousins again and I can't wait for some sister time!

6.  This week is my 6th straight week of doing at least 3 Boot Camps.  My Weight Watchers leader says that it sometimes takes about 6 weeks for weight loss to catch up with increased intensity/activity.  I sure hope she's right because I'm ready to see some strong downward movement on the scales.

7.  I have a big decision-time meeting at work today.  Please keep me in your prayers:  that I will have the guts to ask for what I need and that I can accept the terms of this new position if that is how it's supposed to work out.

8.  Vincent is now walking.  He started taking steps the day after his birthday.  He's very cute in his wobbly-ness!  Last night he was following Dominic around.  It was sweet.  Dominic kept moving away from Vincent (not sure how much was intentional) but within seconds, there was Vincent right at his heels.  Brothers!

9.  I sat out in the waiting area during Dani's guitar lesson Saturday.  She's picking stuff up pretty well.  Her teacher has a different style than I would expect, but then...I learned the piano as a kid.  His approach has been to ask Dani what music she really likes...and she really likes Taylor Swift.  Then they listen to a song she likes and wants to learn to play and he writes out the music for her to practice that week.  She's gotten very good at the early bars of Speak Now.  I'm very proud of her...she is really taking it seriously.

10.  Vincent throws tantrums.  For real.  Just look:
My Mommy Put Me Down - And I Don't Like THAT!


  1. We had a cooler weekend as well, and it was SO nice. Prayers that the meeting at work goes well!

  2. Wow, you have been busy! Lots of fun stuff going on! Have fun this week with your family! :-D

  3. Praying for you that things go very well on the job front.. :-)

  4. That picture really is worth 1,000 screaming words.


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