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July 16, 2012

Monday Mumbles - 34 - A Birthday Edition!


1.  It is Monday, July 16.  Eleven years ago today -- On a Monday, July 16, 2001 -- I spent the day in labor, playing Cribbage with my husband, trading snark with my sister, and it culminated in the birth of my oldest daughter, Sarah.

2.  Sarah was born at 7:17 pm on 7-16-01.  We asked the nurse if they could "fudge" the time so it could be 7:16 on 7-16, but that was a pretty emphatic, NO.

3.  I have had a few instances recently to reflect on what an incredibly cool little girl God gave me in Sarah.

4.  My sister from SC has been visiting with her 5 children.  My sister's family (that lives close by), my older brother's family and the out of town sister's family and our family have been hanging out a lot! We've had 16 of the 19 Poliquin cousins running around and playing.  Watching Sarah willingly play and hang out with all of them, even though she is 2 years older than the next oldest child has been such a joy.  She loves her cousins and siblings.

5.  I have witnessed what a mature young lady Sarah is.  She has always been the kind of kid who would observe others, learn a situation, ("get the lay of the land" so to speak) in a social sense and then act appropriately.  I am truly starting to get an understanding of what a blessing this is.

6.  I have watched the "struggles" start, too, as Sarah enters this age of "pre-teen" adolescence.  There are social concerns as well as faith formation to attend to and new challenges at school.  I'm proud of the way she handles the struggles and challenges.

7.  While I know that Sarah is excited to be entering middle school and growing up, it's fun (and a relief!) to watch her take the tentative approach and also to keep the young mind-set and understand that she doesn't have to grow up too fast...just take it as it comes.

8.  I was a little worried at what might be starting when we had THE talk.  But I had no need. Sarah has taken it all in stride.  She is appropriate with her behavior and comes to me with any questions.  See seems to be happy to have the information, and understands that all of that really heavy stuff is for another state in her life that is well beyond her current state.

9.  God gave me the absolute BEST oldest child He could have.  She's an inspiration.  She tries to be a good example to her sisters and she helps me willingly with her brothers.  She is overall happy about all of it.

10.  Happy Birthday, Sarah-bear!  I love you so much!

Sarah - at the Spring Musical in May 2012


  1. What a blessed young woman to be born on the feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel! Happy birthday to Sarah.

    The birth time thing is funny. One of my brothers doesn't even know for certain what date his birthday really was because he was born at home around midnight and they later realized that the clock was off, but they didn't know by how much.

  2. Happy birthday, Sarah! I've only been around her a hand-full of times and I can tell she is an outstanding young lady!

  3. Happy Birthday Sarah! Pooh on the nurse, one minute one way or another doesn't matter sayeth the midwife.

  4. Joy, I wish there were a "like" button for your comment, haha


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